Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for Dummies

Are you clear on what is the definition of a CEU (“continuing education unit”) vs. what is a continuing education hour? In most states, a CEU is a tenth of an hour. Thus, a one hour course is equivalent to 0.1 CEU. In a two day course, which is typically 12-14 hours long, the CEUs translate to 1.2 or 1.4 CEUs. 

Some state physical therapy boards and physical therapy associations, such as in Florida and NY calculate an hour as 50 minutes. 

No, this is not the new math! But you do get more bang for your buck! 

In this case, the best way to calculate how many continuing education hours a course provides is to add up the hours, multiply by 60 (to get the total minutes) and then divide by 50. But not to worry…we at Education Resources, Inc. will do this for you and this information will be on each brochure that you download from our website. 

Education Resources is also an approved ASHA Approved CEU provider, and ASHA calls an hour of time 1 CEU. Hooray, ASHA! 

Ready to learn more? Check out Education Resources CEU page here for more detailed explanations.