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We are thinking of you during this difficult time and hope that you, your loved ones and colleagues are doing well. And while times may be uncertain, one thing our community of therapists can always count on is ERI’s commitment to you and your education. To help you meet your professional goals, and CEU requirements we are providing you with the following offers:

PTs, OTs, SLPs and assistants don’t need to travel to earn CEUs and take their practices to the next level. Register for ERI’s web-based online courses and take exceptional courses from world-renowned faculty members from the convenience of the office or home.

Register for these Exceptional Recorded Online Course Series: 

  • NEW! Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive Online Series
    Gaye Cronin – 13.5hrs – $309
    This course will present vestibular treatments as a system of exercises and movements that the clinician learns to select, grade, and develop a continuum for the individual patient. It will emphasize treatments of vestibular disorders of childhood, adults, and the elderly. Childhood paroxysmal vertigo, multiple canal BPPV, Meniere’s disease, ototoxicity, bilateral disorders, malde debarquement, migraine-associated vertigo, traumatic vertigo, acoustic neuroma, central vertigo, and disequilibrium of aging will be covered.
  • NEW! Torticollis: Assessment and Treatment of Infants and Children  – $299
    Instructor: Cindy Miles, PT, PhD, PCS, NDT 13.5 Contact Hours

    • Etiology and Implications for Development
    • Anatomy of Torticollis, its Effect on the Whole Child, and Differential Diagnosis
    • Motor Development and Assessment Tools
    • Treatment: Creative Stretching, Strengthening, and Functional Play
    • Indications for Kinesiotaping, Mobilizations, and Surgery: Clinical Decision Making and Community Education
  • Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Online Series – $309
    Instructor: Richard Clendaniel, PT, Ph.D,  – 11 Contact hours

    • Advanced BPPV – $100
    • Cervicogenic Dizziness – $159
    • What to do when It’s Not BPPV – $100
  • Acute and Critical Care Therapy Online Series  – $309 $209
    Instructor: Steve Sadowsky – 12 Contact hours

    • Clinical Decision Making In Acute Care – $79
    • Lines, tubes, Ventilators and Diagnostic Screening for Stability vs Instability – $99  
    • Auscultation LAB – $79
    • Clinical Physiological Monitoring – $79
    • Acute Care and ICU Pharmacology – $59
  • Pediatric Toe Walking Series – $229
    Liesa Persaud PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP – 

    • Utilizing the ACT (Assessment Criteria for Toe Walking) and Footwear Modification to Improve Outcomes – $79
    • The Role of Vision and Reflexes – $99
    • Red Flags for Referral and Intervention Strategies – $99
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome: A Four Part Series – $299
    Instructor: Christina Finn Ed.D 9.5 Contact hours
    This dynamic series will help clinicians apply the latest research on diagnosis and management of concussion and post-concussion syndrome. Focus is on the latest relevant assessment and treatment strategies for adults and children with prolonged visual, vestibular and sensory complaints as a result of concussion. Clinicians will learn effective treatment strategies to improve visual skills, balance and sensory integration for optimal return to school, work, and sports.
  • Vestibular Therapy for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent Online Series – $309
    Instructor: Inger Brueckner MS, PT – 13.5 Contact hours

    • Understanding the Unique Aspects of the Vestibular System in Children and Adolescents – $79
    • Pathophysiology of Vestibular Systems in Children – $79
    • Pediatric Vestibular Screenin and Assessment: Evaluation and Testing – $179
    • Treatment Techniques for the Child with Vestibular Symptoms (inc. LAB) – $179

Attention School-based Therapists! Register for These Five Online CEU Series  – (Group Rates Are Available!) 

Eight engaging, motivating and highly informative modules to invigorate your practice and provide school-based tools to foster growth in your students. Modules range from essential writing tools, neuroplasticity/motor learning, praxis and its effect on executive functioning, typing programs, preschool interventions, mindfulness, IEP writing, and ways to more effectively collaborate with your team.

This course focuses on the latest advances in school-based practice for therapists. Four dynamic modules cover aligning motor needs with educational needs, and how to improve executive function in children who are receiving therapy services in the school setting. How primitive reflexes can be relevant to school-based practice, as well as strategies to integrate these primitive reflexes are discussed. Using evidence to help guide decisions on goals, dosage, and frequency are covered for motor needs in children with autism.

Four engaging online modules including access for children with moderate to severe physical challenges, improving effectiveness through collaboration with children with mild motor challenges, understanding visual processing and visual deficits as well as how to improve sensory, motor behavior and learning outcomes to enhance functioning in your students.

Five comprehensive online modules addressing complex school challenges, evidence based sensory and motor activities, handwriting success tools, functional postural control strategies, as well as ways to improve mental health, bilateral coordination, and visual spatial skills to enhance functioning in your students.

Six dynamic modules, focusing on team strategies, practical tools to address sensory/behavioral challenges, and creative activities focusing on visual and motor skills to enhance functioning in your students.

Improve your practice and earn CEUs at your convenience.  Download our Online Course Brochure, or visit our website for more information. 

Take your practice to the next level with ERI’s library of approved, convenient webinars and computer-based continuing education courses.

ERI’s online courses are filmed at “live” ERI continuing ed classes and edited into shortened sessions for optimal learning experiences. Participants will learn from ERI faculty members and feel like they are in the classroom as fellow therapists participate in Q&A sessions. Online participants will be prompted on how to participate in labs. Participants have access to the course and downloadable handouts for an entire year.