Barbara Hodge

Barbara Hodge, PT, is a coordinator instructor for pediatric NDT courses andan internationally renowned instructor and a respected master clinician. She conducts workshops throughout the US as well as overseas, and is well known for her ability to take complex information and apply it in a practical, useful, and meaningful way.

Ms. Hodgehas trained with Dr. and Mrs. Bobath in London, UK and also at the Upledger Institute. She currently works in private practice where she integrates manual therapy approaches along with NDT when treating children and adults with neurologic dysfunction. In addition, Ms. Hodge consults to several school districts in Massachusetts.

Barbara will also be a keynote speaker at the Education Resources Annual Conference: Therapies in the School 2015.

Financial: Barbara Hodge receives a honorarium from Education Resources and has a financial relationship with the NDTA.
Non-Financial: She has a non financial relationship with the NDTA

Barbara's Courses:

Pediatric NDT Treatment Intensive

NDT and MFR for Children with Neurological Disabilities

Barbara's Online Courses:

Gaining Postural Control for Successful Participation - School Based Therapy Applications


What others are saying:

Barbara gave excellent analogies, take home messages and rationale that was clearly presented. Her course was exactly what I needed." -Gretchen Fish, OT

"Barbara is amazing. She is very personable and a great teacher who is able to explain concepts well. She has a true passion for what she does." -Nadia Lamanna, PT

"Barbara Hodge was patient and demonstrated techniques many times until you understood. She provided wonderful examples to help provide an understanding of MFR. I would recommend this course to everyone." -Susan Santana, OT

"Barbara was patient, answered all queries with as much detail as possible. Loved her enthusiasm for the subject, children an desire to share her knowledge! Look forward to taking more courses with her." -Beena Pammani, PT