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We are currently working on the outline and talking to new dynamic speakers for our 2019 Conference:

November 21-22, 2019

Year after year, key decision makers in the field anticipate attending Therapies in the Schools to learn of new innovations and opportunities to improve their practice. This annual event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your relevant products to a receptive and curious crowd.

This is a preliminary outline - subject to change. More details and more distinguished faculty coming soon.

ERI provides sessions for therapists who have been working for many years, as well as therapists new to practice in a school-based setting, providing a diverse array of options for participants. This year’s topics include cutting-edge sessions including:

  • helping children prepare their brains and bodies for learning,
  • utilizing neurological approaches to improve self-regulation,
  • effectively implementing a trauma-informed approach,
  • strategies for building effective groups,
  • fostering internal motivation in students,
  • facilitating improved postural control, and
  • learning effective ways to collaborate with their team members, both in school and the community.

Join the ERI atmosphere that promotes therapists building connections, sharing ideas, and actively learning.

Sessions from Therapies in the School Conference 2017 are now available onlineTherapies in the School Conference- Education Resources

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities

For companies, organizations, and individuals involved in the pediatric therapy field, there is no better way to reach school-based therapists than to present your relevant products and services at this popular annual conference.

Exhibitor Packet 2019

Please contact Mandy if you have any questions or would like to be an exhibitor or sponsor at this year's conference.

What Past Participants are saying:

I have attended several Therapies in the School Conferences during my professional career. Each one has been unique, but all share one factor; they all have the same effect on me - to reignite the passion that I have to learn about the field of speech-language pathology and school-based therapies, the nuances of working in an educational environment, the latest in cutting-edge research, pedagogy. - Alyson Marcello, SLP

Excellent! I am a new PT in the school setting. Gave me great strategies to connect with all of my kids (pre-school-high school) Thanks! - Elizabeth Welch, PT

I look forward to hearing the latest updates in therapy on an annual basis. A great opportunity for networking. - Gail Miller, OT

It is great to come to a conference where the focus is on schools!  Thanks for the energy and variety of relevant topics - Britt Doyle, OT

I'm so glad I came to this conference - you always do a great job of presenting very critical information by highly qualified professionals. The RTI info was so pertinent, inspiring, and timing so critical to classrooms today where we are presenting intensive rapid instruction with kids whose systems are just not ready. I will go back to work inspired with new energy and enthusiasm around how to help out in our schools.-Kathy Murray, OT

This course was excellent. I have been treating for eleven years and this course gave me a renewed passion for my job. The information was very pertinent and new for the field. It was great for any school therapists. It's nice to have a course designed for the job I do! Kathryn Biel, PT

ERI brings together very qualified speakers. They organize a good conference with great facilities in order to provide a comfortable learning environment. I would not hesitate to attend a course with ERI in the future.- Susan McCartney

This was a fantastic way to hear information directly related to my work in the schools. Having the ability to hear about up and coming methods/philosophies and practical strategies to implement right away with my caseload was awesome! I cannot wait to come back and hear more in the future!- Britt Doyle

The Therapies in the School Conference is consistently one of the best year to year. Not only are the speakers and topics up to date, the facilities are well thought out.-Kathy Niedfeldt

Session 1 November 21-22, 2019
Framingham, MA (Map)

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