OT seeks help in fostering better collaborative relationship with SLPs

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am an OT and have gotten feedback from some of the SLPs that I work with… that I might be infringing on their territory. I see kiddos with a wide variety of sensory difficulties, and I don’t see why it can’t be a team approach with BOTH instead of OT versus SLP. 

Any Advice?

Thank you

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One Response to OT seeks help in fostering better collaborative relationship with SLPs

  1. Mandy says:

    Comment from Leslie:
    At Kids Can Do, Danville, KY, we use an interdisiciplinary approach to all clients. OT, PT, and ST team to reinforce skills in our co-treatment sessions and support each others goals in single therapy sessions. We discuss with and model with parents the why of our approach so they understand the impact of each discipline on their child’s goals and how to implement this at home. Research shows greater parent satisfaction and improved client outcomes when using an interdisciplinary approach. Functionally, I cannot separate language/cognition/communication, nor postural control/mobility, from self-care, sensory processing, visual motor, or play skills. We are better together. My doctoral project (May 2013) was based on this premise related to our feeding therapy clients/parents. if you would like reference information, contact me at lhardman@emrmc.org

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