Therapeutic Interventions in the NICU

Course Description:

This course focuses on developmental and therapeutic interventions in the NICU. It covers assessment and treatment, transition to home, post discharge follow-up and identification of emerging disabilities. Strategies to optimize behavior, development and feeding of the neonate will be offered in addition to practical approaches to facilitating teamwork and caregiver engagement in the NICU setting and through the transition home.

Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe how neuroembryology of the sensory system develops and how our interventions impact the NICU infant
  • Discuss vital information needed before entering the NICU
  • Evaluate the developmental level of the NICU infant and implement appropriate treatment interventions
  • Discuss components of a successful feeding in the NICU
  • Identify behaviors that may indicate emerging disabilities in the NICU graduate
  • List the six developmental steps of staff dynamics when implementing new practices in your NICU

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What others are saying:

"This seminar was fantastic! Tracilyn was a fabulous presenter and educator. After taking this course I feel more confident to apply this knowledge in the NICU at my facility. This is a highly recommended course. Thank you!"

"Tracilyn was exceptional about tailoring the course to the audience, explaining concepts to those newer to the NICU setting, and addressing the roles of all 3 disciplines within the NICU. This is one of the best education events I have ever attended."

"This was a great course for any level of experience. I am a therapist new to NICU and feel much more positive and prepared to begin observing in preparation for evaluation and treatment."

"This course was wonderful. Ms. Urruela did a wonderful job with demonstrating and explaining information in a useful, approachable way."

"Tracilyn did a wonderful job presenting the information. She made it fun and understandable and gave me the confidence to take it back to my community and share with others."


Tracilyn Urruela

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