Torticollis Calipers Anyone?

Annie Posts:


Hello! I am looking for some help. I am a pediatric physical therapist who treats a moderate amount of patients who have torticollis, some of which have plagiocephaly. I am looking for sliding calipers to measure head shape to assess the severity of plagiocephaly. Does anyone know where I can purchase them? I have looked online but all I have found are the industrial ones, so I want to make sure I get an appropriate type.

Thank you!!!

Annie ,DPT 

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2 Responses to Torticollis Calipers Anyone?

  1. j.bensoussan says:

    Hi Annie
    Please check the Lifenest low pressure mattress intended to help prevent and treat Positional Plagiocephaly associated with Physical therapy.Feel free to emailing me for further information.
    Jose Bensoussan M.D; Ph.D.
    Ubimed president

  2. Arielle says:

    HI Annie,

    Did you have any luck finding anything? I am also looking for this same thing. I watched a webinar that told me which ones to get and now I can’t find that information. I have info about a Ballert cranial caliper. I wonder if that will work? The mimos one seems hard to get in the US. Let me know what you find. thanks! Arielle

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