Advice? Challenging Vestibular Case

I sometimes have difficulty calming down symptoms in my vestibular patients. I can usually manage in the clinic, but I would like to give the patient more ideas on what to do at home. I am thinking more of the vertigo-migraine patient during one of their spells at home. I have a few tools that I give patients, but any more ideas, or tips that help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Shweta says:

    I have come across a few patients wih severe symptoms. In thoses cases I recommend looking down with the head in slight c/s flexion and the shoulders rounded while focussing on a point on the floor. This position allows then to focus on breathing though the dizzy spell until it passes. Drinking a small sip of cold water also seems to help the situation. I also recommend performing vestibular exercises at night so the patient does not suffer through the symptoms during the day and can sleep it off feeling fine by the next morning. Hope this helps!

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