The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself When Planning your In-Service

Once you have defined your audience (see Blog #2) and planned for your time-frame, it is critical to identify the 2-4 points you want to make. What are the 2-4 key issues, ideas or skills that you want the group to walk with. It is far more effective to highlight a few key points well than to inundate them with more information than they can digest and apply in such a short time.

 Remember:  Less is More

  • Start with an introductory statement telling the audience what the objectives or key points are that you will be covering 
  • Tell them your plan for the 90 minutes and what you hope they will get out of the session 
  • Engage them by letting them know that your information has relevance to them by acknowledging their challenges, their ideal outcomes and their interests.  Perhaps give an example of how your new learning has helped you with a particular clinical issue. 
  • Use humor, anecdotes or an interesting fact to gain attention and interest throughout your presentation. 

Let us know what has worked for you when planning how to focus an effective in-service? 

Stay tuned; next time we will be discussing hints on developing content that really grab your colleagues.

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