Featured Pediatric Course for Physical Therapist Assistants –

PTA’s are you looking for a pediatric CEU course in Illinois?

Our popular CEU course designed for PT’s OT’s and Assistants is coming to Chicago in May:

Integrating NDT, SI and Motor Learning Perspectives in Pediatrics…Treating for Measurable Outcomes

[caption id="attachment_1782" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="Lezlie Adler"]Lezlie Adler Education REsources[/caption]

With renowned Speaker: Lezlie Adler 

Are the goals you are setting for the children you treat, realistic? Is the treatment approach the most effective to achieve the outcome you want? This workshop will enhance critical thinking skills and hands-on skills to enable therapists to use a systematic approach to treating children with developmental challenges. Focus will be on problem solving to gain function for children with motor control, sensory processing and behavioral compromise. The unique approach will help therapists set realistic measurable goals, set priorities and determine frequency of treatment and exit criteria.

“Lezlie is fabulous. Her wealth of information, true love of play, and devotion to her clients is very inspiring. I love her sense of humor.
Patricia, Occupational Therapist

“What a superb course! The information was clear, useful, and interesting!
Lisa, Speech Language Pathologist

“Lezlie is an enthusiastic therapist and speaker. This class offered great ideas for treating children as a whole, considering all three therapeutic approaches (OT, PT, ST). Lezlie made sure that everyone got there money’s worth of this class by encouraging questions and involvement.
Cheryl, Physical Therapist

“Lezlie was very passionate and engaging…I would love to take another course from this instructor.” Suzanne, Physical Therapist

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