THERAPIES IN THE SCHOOL CONFERENCE 3 - Individual Sessions: Complex School Based Challenges - Collaborative Goals, Embedded Motor Interventions, Data Collection and More.

Course Description:

Speaker: Susan Cercere
Complex School Based Challenges: Collaborative Goals, Embedded Motor Interventions, Data Collection and Eligibility/Frequency/Intensity Decisions

This session will focus on using relevant assessments to design collaborative goals with the IEP team. The participant will learn how this approach facilitates the development of embedded interventions, data collection and frequency and intensity decisions.


  1. Discuss the importance of collaboration on assessment, goal writing and data collection
  2. Design strategies for embedding interventions into school routines using ecological assessment
  3. Apply the collaborative approach to the service decision making process
Assessment, Evaluation and Embedded Interventions to Overcome Barriers to Participation

This session will focus on the use of the International Classification of Function (ICF) to support evidence based school therapy practice. By using this framework, the participant will learn how to apply a broader assessment strategy to support collaborative goals and embedded interventions that maximize student participation in school activities and routines.


  1. Discuss the impact of the participation framework (ICF) on assessment, evaluation and establishing embedded intervention for an educational relevance
  2. Develop an ecological assessment and intervention plan using the participation framework (ICF) for meaningful student engagement in school routines and activities
  3. Apply the participation framework to your own practice in order to support students using embedded intervention in the least restrictive environment


Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Speech-language Pathologist

This course is offered for 4.5 Contact Hours, 0.45 CEUs (Intermediate Level)Please visit our CEU page for further details

This course is offered for up to 0.45 ASHA CEUs (Intermedicat level, Professional area).

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