Neurology CEU Courses For Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists

Education Resources offers evidence-based, clinically relevant CEU courses to help neurologic OTs, PTs and SLPs identify and treat individuals with neurological disorders, to ultimately improve outcomes for their patients.

Our live neuro webinars and on-demand online neuro courses are taught by distinguished internationally renowned faculty, who are experts in their field teaching effective interventions and assessment techniques for a wide range of topics including neuroplasticity, vestibular rehabilitation, locomotor training, motor planning, degenerative diseases, and many more…..

Jennifer Bottomley, Inger Brueckner MS, PT, Richard Clendaniel PhD, PT, Christina Finn Ed.D, OTR, Melissa Gerber, Amanda Hall, Robin Harwell, Heather Hayes, Joan Toglia and Chelsea Steinberg, Michael Lebec, Daniel Malone, Andrew Packel and Kimberly Miczak, Carolyn Tassini, Archana Vatwani…… and many more….

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Treating Falls and Balance Problems 
Jennifer Bottomley, PT, MS, PhD

This essential course teaches screenings and treatment of the at-risk elderly to prevent falls and to increase functional outcomes.

COVID 19:  Beyond Acute Care – Current Evidence and Clinical Pearls for treating Patients in Rehab, Homecare and SNFs
Faye Bronstein, PT, DPT, Melissa Chung PT, DPT, Stephanie Windler PT, DPT

Learn the clinical therapy management of patients in rehabilitation, homecare and SNF settings with debility and neurological conditions related to COVID-19.

Amputee Rehabilitation: Evidence-Based Strategies Across the Continuum of Care
Inger Brueckner, PT, MS

An essential course for therapists working with patients experiencing limb loss, this class will address the evaluation and treatment of limb loss due to diabetes, vascular disease, trauma, cancer, sepsis, and congenital limb difference. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Evaluation and Management of Individuals with Dizziness and Balance Disorders
Richard Clendaniel, PT, PhD

Learn effective, comprehensive, and evidence-based treatment and evaluation of the number one reason individuals over the age of 70 seek medical attention: Dizziness.

Management of Persistent Post Concussive Symptoms: What’s the Latest Evidence?
Christina Finn, OTR, EdD

Learn the latest relevant assessment and treatment strategies for patients across the lifespan who experience prolonged visual, vestibular, and sensory complaints as a result of a concussion.

Functionally Assessing and Treating Visual Processing, Visual Perception and Visual-Motor Deficits
Melissa Gerber, OTR/L, OTD

This course will arm therapist with intervention tools and strategies to promote independence and improved functioning in both children and adults. Case studies will be used to solidify learning and cement clinical reasoning. Telehealth will be discussed.

Ambulation, Activity, and AFOs: Addressing the Ankle to Improve Gait and Function 
Amanda Hall, PT, MSPT, ATP, PCS

Learn to increase your skill with orthotic recommendations and treatments for the foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients with neurological, developmental and/or orthopedic diagnoses.

Building the Brain: A Neurobiological Approach to Assessment and Treatment
Robin Harwell, CCC-SLP, MA

Link neuroscience with clinical practice while focusing on evidence-based interventions to provide measurable outcomes for adults and children with neurological challenges through intensive labs.

NEW Stroke Course – Coming Soon
Heather Hayes, PT, DPT, PhD, CSRS, CEEAA

Effective Physical Therapist Management of Patients in the Emergency Setting: Differential Diagnosis, Intervention, and Inter-Professional Collaboration 
Michael Lebec, PT, PhD

Learn to be comfortable and effective providing care in the emergency room by distinguishing sources of pathology, conducting an efficient exam, and administering interventions even when limited to one or few episodes of care.

The Complex Frail Patient: Rehab, Home, SNF & Outpatient Settings
Robyn Ligotti

Learn evidence-based assessment and treatment to boost function and decrease re-hospitalizations to improve quality of life in your medically complex older adult clients.

TBI: Tools and Strategies to Promote Recovery for the Moderately-Severely Challenged
Kimberly Miczak, PT, NCS, Andrew Packel, PT, NCS

Find the most effective evaluation, assessment, and treatment strategies to improve outcomes for individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries using latest research to inform your clinical reasoning.

Functional Cognitive Intervention and Acute Care: From ICU to Acute Rehab
Joan Toglia, OTR/L, PhD, FAOTA , Chelsea Steinberg, OTR/L, MS

This course will provide therapists with assessment and intervention strategies to promote optimal functional cognitive recovery and outcomes in the ICU and acute care setting.

Clinical Application of Pathophysiology in Managing Complex Patients
Archana Vatwani, PT, DPT, MBA, CLWT, CDP, CLSSBB

Gain the knowledge required for effective clinical decision making to optimize patient outcomes in the high acuity and critically ill patient population.




Vestibular Therapy for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent Online Series
Inger Brueckner, PT, MS

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about evidence-based, effective assessment and treatment of children with vestibular dysfunction.

Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Online
Richard Clendaniel, PT, PhD, 

The course will focus on the assessment and treatment of patients with vertigo and dysequilibrium from unusual vestibular causes. The course is designed for clinicians (PT & OT) with prior vestibular rehabilitation course work and clinical experience. Material covered will include advanced techniques for treating anterior and horizontal canal BPPV, central causes of dizziness (including concussion), identification and treatment of cervicogenic dizziness, chronic subjective dizziness, migraine and other unusual vestibular disorders.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive Online Series
Gaye Cronin, OTR, OTD

Recognizing and assessing vestibular disorders can also be challenging, but once the process is completed, you need to be able to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This course will present vestibular treatments as a system of exercises and movements that the clinician learns to select, grade, and develop a continuum for the individual patient.

Post Concussion Syndrome: A Four-Part Series
Christina Finn, OTR, EdD

This dynamic series will help clinicians apply the latest research on diagnosis and management of concussion and post concussion syndrome. Clinicians will learn effective treatment strategies to improve visual skills, balance and sensory integration for optimal return to school, work, and sports.

Acute and Critical Care Therapy Online Series
Steven Sadowsky, PT, ABPTS

Learn essentials of acute care and the ICU to improve your practice, increase your efficiency, and boost your skills.