Richard Clendaniel

Richard Clendaniel, PT, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Community & Family Medicine, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, Duke University Medical Center. He received his MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was a clinician and faculty member at UAB for several years before receiving his Ph.D., in Behavioral Neuroscience (Department of Psychology) from UAB. He completed a two year post-doctoral fellowship in neuro-otology with Susan Herdman, Ph.D., PT. Prior to joining the faculty at Duke, he was on faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery, where he was director of the Vestibular Rehabilitation program. He maintains an active practice evaluating and treating patients with vestibular disorders and dizziness. His primary research is in the normal function of the vestibular system and the plasticity of the vestibular system following injury.

Richard's Courses:

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Evaluation and Management of Individuals with Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Vestibular Rehabilitation Advanced: Intensive Labs


Complete Series of Three Sessions- 11 Contact Hours

Advanced BPPV- 3 Contact Hours

Cervicogenic Dizziness-5 Contact Hours

What To Do When It's Not BPPV - Challenging Vestibular Disorders Including Post Concussion Syndrome- 3 Contact Hours

What others are saying:

Excellent speaker! Bright, approachable and with a sense of humor. Dr. Clendaniel presented difficult material and made it understandable. -Debra Weiner

Richards clinical expertise is undeniable. He really came to life through his actual, clinic examples both verbally and via video. He skillfully, clearly and concisely presented often complex and usually confusing information. -Kathrine W. Parker

Richard is a credit to the profession; he is knowledgeable, well spoken, and an extremely pleasant presenter. The content of the material covered was detailed and well organized. -Fran Kramer

Dr. Clendaniels knowledge and great teaching skills showed in this very comprehensive seminar. -Mary Capuccini