Praxis: Evaluation and Treatment of the Clumsy Child

Course Description:

Many school-age children struggle with motor skills that their peers have long mastered. These "clumsy" children may exhibit difficulties with writing, activities of daily living, as well as issues with play and sports. This lab course will provide practical and effective intervention strategies for these children. Underlying etiologies of clumsiness (developmental coordination disorders) as well as newer concepts of motor control and motor development will be discussed in relationship to other neurophysiologic concepts. This course will discuss evaluation tools to isolate the roots of the problem and treatment techniques and suggestions for the classroom utilizing an integrated approach. Functional outcomes and clinical effectiveness will be emphasized.

Course participants will be able to:
1. Define and explain what is meant by clumsiness, developmental incoordination disorder and developmental dyspraxia.
2. Summarize the proposed underlying causes of praxis problems.
3. Identify the characteristics of the child with praxis problems.
4. Identify the components of an adequate evaluation for the child including standardized and non-standardized methods.
5. Develop activities that would be appropriate for the child with praxis problems for home, school and social environments.

What others are saying:

"Barbara combines her years of experience with the latest research to make a truly clinically relevant course with practical applications."
Jeri Rosenthal, PT

"This course connected so many dots for me. I feel like I can go back to my clinic and really implement better treatment plans! What an awesome course and facilitator!"
Crystal Bay, OT

"Barbara is not only a dynamic teacher, but she is extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter. The course opened my eyes to a new was of looking at the children in my practice. A phenomenal course!" -Dorian Pascoe, PT

"Barbara Connolly was a wonderful and knowledgeable speaker who opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. This was a fantastic course that gave me practical suggestions and ideas to improve my approach to working with my children. Thank you Barbara!"-Lisa Fishberger, PT

"Barbara is an excellent instructor. She has a vast knowledge base and it shows throughout the course. This course was comprehensive and provided endless information for improving your clinical skills."-Aron Lipman, OT


Barbara Connolly

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