Pediatric NDT Treatment Intensive

Course Description:

This course will address utilizing current NDT intervention strategies for the pediatric client aged 0-18 with neuromotor challenges (eg CP, Down Syndrome, TBI and other syndromes). Information presented will address using the ICF for assessment/evaluation while practicing intervention strategies for improvements towards function. Participants will be assisted to improve their observational and direct handling skills with analysis and problem solving using NDT techniques. Both didactic lecture and hands-on labs will be presented throughout this course. Therefore, it is recommended that participants bring comfortable clothing for treatment labs. In addition to didactic information and handling practice, videos, and problem-solving labs may be used to further enhance  learning. Discussion will be included addressing current research and adjuncts used with pediatric clients. 

The Continuing Education Hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification.

Participants will be able to:

• Discuss the basis for NDT including history and current NDT philosophy with clinical     application for assessment and intervention planning using ICF model.
• Identify key components during assessment of single and multiple system impairments addressing the postural and movement systems for intervention and improved function.
• Discuss using current concepts of NDT to identify a functional goal, identify key impairments and plan treatment intervention strategies.
• Demonstrate a variety of handling stategies utilizing NDT intervention for improving functional independence.
• Discuss adjunctive therapies to assist with direct handling and functional improvements.


Debbie Evans Rogers

Session 1 June 1-2, 2019
Houston, TX (Map)

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