Get Ready to Learn: Therapeutic Yoga in the Classroom

Course Description:

This dynamic 2 day program offers the school based practitioner a clinically researched Yoga curriculum utilizing a range of developmentally graded yoga sequences which align with RTI and PBIS. Used throughout the United States and England since 2008, this popular preparatory yoga curriculum,addressing learning and behavior issues across ages (preschool-high school), stages and levels of ability. This program has been shown to positively impact sensory processing, self regulation attention, communication, motor planning and performance. Get Ready to Learn ("GTRL") is designed for implementation and adaption across the range of classroom challenges, from minimal to severe. Challenges addressed include students with mild to severe physical limitations, autistic spectrum disorders, developmental, learning disabilities and attention and emotional/regulatory issues. Chosen as a PBS "Innovations in Education" program, this program has been highly acclaimed by participating teachers, therapists and administrators.

Program Includes:

Training in the use of a series of developmentally sequenced floor yoga routines as well as a series of seated routines with adaptations for specific challenges, use of a series of 5 "GRTL" Classroom Breaks.

Reproducible manual sections, including Inservice handout and curriculum for classroom staff, data collection and observation tools.

Participants will also be provided with 1 training DVD at no charge.

This video highlighting the successful implementation of "Get Ready to Learn"recently aired on ABC News:

"Get Ready to Learn" in London

Classroom Yoga Helps Improve Behavior Of Kids With Autism - NPR

Barbara Joseph, NYC School Administrator and GRTL program facilitator states:
"The impact of implementing the Get Ready to Learn Program across our entire district with students with significant disabilities ages 3-21 over the past year has had tremendous results in decreasing behaviors that interfere with learning and increasing appropriate behaviors to enhance each students ability to learn more effectively. Teachers, administrators, students and parents have reported significant changes in both the classroom environment as well as student performance. Parents are reporting that their children are reacting to their environment in ways they haven't demonstrated in the past. At the onset of the program we knew that the daily implementation of this movement program would have a positive impact on student progress but the data is reporting gains beyond our expectations."

"If you are debating about taking this course, stop! this course was absolutely enlightening, informative, and practical. It provided basic through advanced treatment strategies and gave clarity to how to implement yoga in a variety of diagnoses. Anny contributed much more than "yoga" to our learning" -Andrea Moroge, OTR/L

"Outstanding!! This course is very well organized. The speaker is articulate, clear, energetic, and very engaging, and knowledgeable. The material and visual aids are very well integrated in the overall presentation - I feel ready to use the material on myself and on my students. Overall I left feeling serene, grounded with a clear mind and vision - Feeling very HAPPY :)" - Gracita T. Charles

"Wow- I've been an OT for over 20 years and I wish I came to this course much earlier in my career. Every one of my children will benefit from the information shared. Thank you SO much." -Angela Guardiano, OT

"This was by far the best and most relevant workshop that I've ever attended. I only wish that more teachers had attended. This is a program that would benefit any classroom."-Debbie Tompkins, Special Education

"This was probably one of the best continuing education courses that I have attended. I feel as though I can go back to my district and present the material to teachers and make a real behavioral change as well as improving students motor skills in the process."- Gina Salisbury, PT

"I am so happy I had a chance to experience this seminar. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I am excited to implement GRTL in the classroom, I loved the clips of GRTL in action with students similar to the students in our program. Thank you!"-Sheila Eustance, Special Education


Anne Buckley-Reen

Session 1 November 15-16, 2019
Livingston, NJ (Map)

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