Therapies in The School Conference 2012 – Questions for the Speakers

We are building a community for school therapists attending the conference this year. A place for everyone to connect prior to, during and after the conference. We are hoping that building this community will serve you well, a place for you to share your ideas, challenges, solutions and to learn therapy tips from others. We would also like to be able offer a post course discussion for therapists, building on this new community.

For our first post we are inviting participants of this years conference to post, within our blog, any specific issues or topics that you would like to see discussed at the conference. We will present these ideas to our speakers prior to the start of the conference, in the hope that they will address them for you. Please post your question here as a comment to this blog, specifying to which speaker you would like it presented.

We do hope you are looking forward to the conference and look forward to meeting you there. For those unable to attend this year please stay tuned for therapy tips learned, and for those thinking of attending, please get in touch soon as this popular conference is getting close to being full.


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2 Responses to Therapies in The School Conference 2012 – Questions for the Speakers

  1. Christin Doneski says:

    I would love for a speaker to discuss some of the better evaluations available to OTs, especially in the school setting. Is the MVPT or the TVPS a better assessment. When the child is too old for the SFA what is a good test to use to assess life skills in school in a standardized way? Few OTs use the SIPT in school, but the Sensory Profile is so subjective, is there a better sensory assessment to use in the school setting especially with older students? There are numerous options for the little ones but I need something for middle school and older.
    Thank you so much

  2. Michele says:

    Great questions Christin. I have requested similar on conference feedback forms and would enjoy hearing these questions answered in November.

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