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ERI offers evidence-based, clinically relevant CEU courses for school-based therapists. 

As schools begin to welcome students and faculty back to full-time, in-person learning, we know that many school-based therapists (Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Special Educators, Social Workers and Psychologists) are also ready to continue their professional development and meet their CEU requirements.

ERI has you covered! Learn from our acclaimed faculty when it’s convenient for you with live webinars or on-demand online courses and series. ERI will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an immediate impact in your day-to-day practice with students.


ERI’s on-demand online courses and series are filmed at “live” ERI continuing ed classes and edited into sessions for optimal learning experiences. Participants learn from ERI faculty members and feel like they are in the classroom as fellow therapists participate in Q&A sessions.

We invite all school-based therapists to browse our on-demand online courses with topics ranging  from sensory processing/integration challenges to motor challenges and more! 

Take advantage of discounted pricing for our on-demand online series developed and designed for the School Therapist! ERI’s popular, annual two-day Therapies in the School Conference from the last few years are available as a complete series of dynamic modules for your convenience. Save $100 on all Therapies in the School Online Conferences (Regularly $599 – now $499). No promo code needed.

Group Pricing for On-Demand Online Series:
Series price +$44 for each additional registrant (CEU certificate) up to 19 registrants.
Call 800-487-6530 and leave a message or email: to register a group.

COMING VERY SOON! – THERAPIES IN THE SCHOOL ONLINE CONFERENCE 7 recorded live at our November, 2020 live virtual webinar.

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Learn the Latest Pediatric Feeding Techniques with Leading Experts Kay Toomey, Robin Glass, Lynn Wolf, and More

It is reported that one in four* children experience a feeding disorder which can lead to development problems including weight loss, nutritional deficiency, need for nutritional supplements, or problems with daily functioning. By arming themselves with clinically relevant technics and treatment plans, PTs, OTs, SLPs, Dietitians, Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Neonatal Therapists, Social Workers, and Psychologists can effectively treat these children and improve a child’s ability to participate in normal social activities including eating with families and others.

Pediatric feeding professionals turn to ERI to learn the latest, evidence-based, effective interventions and assessment techniques to treat a wide range of feeding disorders and challenges including:

  • Swallowing disorders
  • Oral motor challenges
  • Cardiac and respiratory function
  • Oral hypersensitivity
  • Anxiety
  • Neuromuscular impairments
  • Postural stability
  • Sensory/motor challenges
  • Behavioral/learning
  • Picky eating
  • Lip/tongue-tie
  • Infant and neonate challenges
  • Tube feeding/weaning
  • and more… 

ERI’s courses are taught by internationally renowned, industry-leading faculty members who are experts in their field. Our faculty members are informative and engaging and have experience in demonstrating and communicating with class participants. Our pediatric feeding faculty team includes: 

  • Rona Alexander 
  • Joan Arvedson 
  • Mary Tarbell-Bickley
  • Roberta Gatlin 
  • Robin Glass
  • Anjanette Lee
  • Kay A.Toomey
  • Lynn Wolf
  • and more…

Learn the latest evidence-based treatments and approaches to treat pediatric feeding disorders. Click HERE for a complete list of ERI instructors and pediatric feeding courses that will help you improve outcomes in children experiencing feeding disorders. 


*Golisano Children’s Hospital

NYC Therapists to Teach COVID-19 Knowledge and Learnings in New, Live Webinar

Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and assistants are treating an increased number of patients experiencing the damaging effects of COVID-19, especially after hospital discharge.  New York City was one of the earliest and hardest hit epicenters of COVID-19 and healthcare workers on the ground had to modify their treatment techniques and plans to accommodate for new, debilitating symptoms affecting patients in rehabilitation clinics, homecare, and skilled nursing facility (SNF) settings.

Faye Bronstein, Melissa Chung, and Stephanie Windler are three such healthcare workers and part of a multi-disciplinary team at NYU Langone Health Rusk Rehabilitation. The facility’s staff is hailed for their response to the pandemic, rapid reconfiguration of services to treat the onslaught of critically ill and recovering patients, and adjusting rheir approach to the evolving pandemic crisis. Faye, Melissa, and Stephanie are sharing their COVID-19 related lessons in the new, live webinar “COVID-19: Beyond Acute Care – Treating Patients in Rehab, Homecare and SNFs.”

The one-day live webinar takes place April 11, 2021, and will focus on clinical therapy management of patients in rehabilitation, homecare, and SNF settings with debility and neurological conditions related to COVID-19. Using case studies, Faye, Melissa, and Stephanie will share current evidence and their clinical pearls to evaluate and treat this patient population including ways to adjust treatments with relation to COVID-19 precautions and how those adjustments affect outcomes.

Do not miss the chance to learn from three therapeutic pioneers serving on the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. Register for “COVID-19: Beyond Acute Care – Treating Patients in Rehab, Homecare and SNFs” on Education Resources, Inc.’s website or click HERE for more information including the full brochure and CEU information. 

ERI Offers FREE Webinar “Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies” to School-Based Therapists

School-based therapists have navigated an extremely challenging year as COVID-19 abruptly changed the way therapists treat and support their students, whether remote or in-person. Here at ERI, we know first-hand the instrumental roles that school-based therapists play within a students’ daily life and are dedicated to arming them with the information they need to treat and care for the most vulnerable populations within our schools. 

ERI is happy to offer support to all valued school-based therapists by providing the online course Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies into your School-Based Practice at no cost through March 26, 2021.

This session, recorded live at ERI’s popular Therapies in the School Conference 2020, will highlight current, trauma-informed treatment practices for professionals working with children and youth in the schools, either remote or in-person, considering the COVID-19 pandemic context. Participants will be empowered to implement trauma-informed strategies with all students, in multi-tiered interventions, across times of remote instruction or in-person sessions. 

Taught by acclaimed faculty member Emily Zeman Eddy, MS, OTD, OTR/L, a school-based and outpatient-based therapist specializing in trauma-informed home programming and self-management for the client and family, this web-based course is easily accessible from any computer and appropriate for all school-based therapists.

Register now for “Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies into your School-Based Practice” and use promo code SUPPORT2021 at checkout to receive this course at no cost. Valid until March 26, 2021. Limited availability.

Be sure to check out all of ERI’s current course offerings geared towards school-based therapists.

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Neurologic Clinical Specialists Trust ERI for Exceptional Continuing Education Courses

There are more than 600 neurologic diseases affecting an estimated 50 million Americans*.  These neurological impairments affect every age group from babies born prematurely to centenarians and require expert care and therapeutic interventions from medical professionals including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. 

To keep abreast of the latest therapeutic treatments and techniques, PTs, OTs, and SLPs turn to ERI for their continuing education. ERI’s CEU courses teach evidence-based strategies, tools, clinical reasoning, and critical thinking skills to assess and tailor treatment plans for patients experiencing neurological impairments. Course topics include neuroplasticity, vestibular rehabilitation, TBI, locomotor training, motor planning, degenerative diseases, and more. ERI’s faculty is second to none with world-renowned experts such as Jennifer Bottomley, Inger Brueckner MS, PT, Richard Clendaniel Ph.D., PT, Christina Finn Ed.D, OTR, Melissa Gerber, Amanda Hall, Robin Harwell, Heather Hayes, Joan Toglia, and Chelsea Steinberg, Michael Lebec, Daniel Malone, Andrew Packel and Kimberly Miczak, Carolyn Tassini, and Archana Vatwani.

Take your practice to the next level and empower your patients to meet their own goals to live life to the fullest. Register for ERI’s live webinars or on-demand online CEU courses and learn the most effective and evidence-based neuro treatments for patients.


* According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine