Enter to win a free CEU course by blogging with ERI

We are offering you the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a free CEU course. All you need to do is submit a blog entry which can be:
1. a clinical issue that you are seeking opinions about.
2. a case problem that you are struggling with.
3. a therapy tip that you would like to share.

The post can be of any length (up to 500 words) and photos and videos are great, as long as you have obtained written permission.

We will enter the first 50 blogs in a drawing for a free ERI course.
Deadline for entry is June 15th 2012 – winner to be announced before the end of June

Please post your blog in the comments section below…… you will then see your entry posted as a separate blog

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing them with our ERI community.


Welcome to our Blog Community!

 We want to welcome you to our new blog which we hope will become your blog!

Do you often have clinical questions/problems that you would love to share with others? We hope you will use this blog to glean opinions from other respected therapists, and to learn more about current relevant issues that you face daily.

This is an exciting venture for us, as we move forward in this fast paced, exciting digital world. We want to engage you, our community of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and special educators and become the go-to place to share your ideas, challenges, solutions, and to learn therapy tips from others.

We will regularly be posting topics that are current and relevant such as:

Clinical challenges and solutions, therapy nuggets from our distinguished faculty, therapy tips from colleagues, professional development and CEU issues, as well as clinical research updates. 

We invite you to share your ideas with us, post a clinical challenge you are currently facing, or share a great therapy tip with your colleagues.