We love to hear from our community of Therapists:

What can I say, I am already halfway through my online version of Therapies in the School and I have already learned so much about current topics that I was interested in!!! Education Resources is always my preference for continuing education opportunities and I am thrilled to have access to an online version of one of your amazing courses. I would love to see more and more online versions of the courses you offer. Thanks so much! Amanda

Another excellent seminar. Education Resources consistently delivers the best speakers with the latest information. – Cathy Strasser, OT

“This was a fantastic way to hear information directly related to my work. Having the ability to hear about up and coming methods/philosophies and practical strategies to implement right away with my caseload was awesome! I cannot wait to come back and hear more in the future”  -Britt Doyle

“ERI brings together very qualified speakers. They organize a good conference with great facilities to provide a comfortable learning environment. I would not hesitate to attend an ERI course in the future”  -Susan McCartney , OT

“This is the third couse I have taken with ERI. Once again, it was excellent, well presented and clinically relevant. The content was appropriate for all practice settings. I had many “light bulb” moments and am excited to put what I learned into practice. I will recommend ERI to all my colleagues.”  -Christina Ross

“It is so refreshing and stimulating to finally attend a course that benefits new and seasoned clinicians. This is the first course that I have taken in 13 years that has provided me with an abundance of clinical applications and realistic treatment ideas. Thank you ERI for providing a terrific learning opportunity with the perfect combination of clinical experience and commitment to research”  -Peter Njoroge

This was the best online continuing education course I have taken. The presenter had so many evidence-based strategies that I cannot wait to take back to my school” – OTR