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Postural Control for UE and LE Function: NDT Approach, Motor Learning, Evidence Based Practice
Monica Diamond
September 22-23, 2018 – Dallas, TX

Effectively Treat Behavior in Children: Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing, Cognitive Limitations, PTSD, & Other Challenges
John Pagano
September 22-23, 2018 – Houston, TX
December 14-15, 2018 – Corpus Christi, TX 

Baby Beats and Breaths:  Therapeutic Interventions for the Premature Infant with Cardiopulmonary Compromise
Holly Schifsky
September 29-30, 2018 – Houston, TX
September 27-28, 2019- TBD, TX 

Assessment and Treatment of Children with Oral Motor, Feeding/Swallowing and Respiratory Function Challenges: Children with Neuromuscular Involvement
Rona Alexander
October 5-7 2018 – Houston, TX

Myofascial Release and Its Application to Neuro-Developmental Treatment
Gail Ritchie
October 6-7, 2018 – San Antonio, TX
October 4-5, 2019 – Pearland, TX

Sensory Integration Intensive
Jeannetta Burpee
November 1-4, 2018 – Houston, TX

Amputee Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care using Evidence Based Practice
Inger Bruekner
November 2-3, 2018 – Denison, TX
April 12-13, 2019 – Houston, TX

Critically Thinking Through The Critically Ill
Miki Anderson Haas
November 3-4, 2018 – Dallas, TX

Practical Strategies for Treating Complex Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Treating the Whole Child
Mary Tarbell Bickley
November 3-4, 2018 – Stafford, TX

Functional Strengthening and Fitness Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Maria Fragala Pinkham and Maggie O’Neil
November 16-17, 2018 – Pearland, TX

Post Concussion Syndrome 
Christina Finn 
January 18-19, 2019 – Fort Worth, TX

Treating Complex Feeding Problems: Infants, Toddlers, Preschooler 
Rhonda Mattingly 
January 25-26, 2019 – Pearland, TX

The Pediatric Brain: Functional Neuroanatomy the Visual Vestibular System and Treatment Applications 
Janine Wiskind 
January 25-26, 2019 -Temple, TX 

Integrating NDT, SI and Motor Learning Perspectives in Pediatrics 
Kim Westhoff 
February 22-23, 2019- Plano, TX  

Contemporary NDT Treatment of the Baby and Young Child 
Suzanne Bombria Davis 
March 15-17, 2019 – Texas Children’s Hospital, TBA, TX

The SOFFI Method: Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants
Erin Sundseth Ross
March 15-16, 2019 – Pasadena, TX

Torticolis Plagiocephaly: Assessment and Treatment of Infants and Children 
Miles Cindy 
April 5-6, 2019- Pearland, TX 

 Vestibular Rehabilitation for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent
Inger Brueckner 
April 12-13, 2019 – Texas Children’s Hospital, TBA, TX

Rehabilitative Management of Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions
Hand Robert
May 3-4, 2019 – TBA, TX

Improving Function: Tools to Enhance Motor Learning, Motor Control and Strength
Paula Cox 
May 18-19, 2019 -Temple, TX 

Taping to Improve Alignment, Strength and function in Children 
Jackie  Grimenstein 
May 31- June 1, 2019 – Cedar Park , TX 

Pediatric NDT: Treatment Intensive
Debbie Evans- Rogers
June 1-2, 2019 -TX

ICU and Acute Care: From Early Mobilization to Discharge Decisions 
Chris Wells 
June 1-2, 2019- Denison, TX 
November 16-17, 2019 – Houston, Texas 

Tools and Strategies for Developmental Care in the NICU 
Lisa Kleinz 
July 20-21,2019 – Texas Children’s Hospital, TBA,TX

Infants Born Preterm: Identifying and Addressing Their Special Needs in Early Infancy to Supprt Development 
Jan McElroy 
August 16-18, 2019 –  Fort Worth, TX 

Myofascial Release and It’s Application to Neuro- Developmental Treatment 
Gail Ritchie
October 4-5, 2019 -Pearland, TX 

Building the Brain: A Neurobiological Approach to Assessment and Treatment 
Robin Harwell 
October 18-19, 2019 – TBA, TX

Vision, Ocular-Motor and Movement Strategies for Integrated Learning in Pediatrics 
June Smith 
November 9-10, 2019 – Dallas, TX 

Feeding and Swallowing- Disorders in infancy Assesment and Management 
Robin Glass ,Lynn Wolf 
November 15-16, 2019 – Texas Children’s Hospital TBA, TX 

Geriatric Neurology in the Medically Complex Client 
Jennifer Bottomely 
December 6-7, 2019 – Fort Worth, TX

Intervention in the NICU a Neurodevelopmental Approach 
Roberta Gatlin 
December 6-7, 2019 – Plano, TX 

Baby Steps: Building Ambulations Interventions for the Infants and Young  Children with Posture and Movement Dysfunction 
Jan McElroy 
December 6-8,2019- Texas Children’s Hospital, TBA, TX 

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