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Why Patients Don’t Exercise – What’s a Therapist to do?

Post from Education Resources Faculty Member: Suzanne Clark You do a great job putting together an exercise program for your patients with chronic disease. You teach them how to do the exercises and they return the demonstration. You give them … Continue reading

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Treatment Suggestions for a Morton’s Neuroma Anyone?

Jane posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I just evaluated a patient with a Morton’s neuroma between the third and fourth metatarsal.  He is an active runner and tennis player who has been limited in participating in the sports he loves.  He … Continue reading

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Free CE course for Adult Rehab and Geriatric Therapists

Our blog has been up and running for almost a year now……… where did that go??? Our blog has been very successful building a strong pediatric therapy community, and Acute Care community. We would like now to do the same … Continue reading

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Measuring Therapy Productivity in Acute Care

Judy Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Has anyone found a good way to measure productivity in acute care? It can vary so much from day to day for the evaluating therapists depending on what types of patients were admitted and how … Continue reading

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Help: Challenging EI Patient

Linda Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY:I am an experienced OT (37 years) working in Early Childhood Intervention working in the home. Our program really wants us to use what is in the home and in the child’s natural environment. I have … Continue reading

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Link between NSAIDS and signs of AU?

Britney Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a pediatric physical therapist, and I have a 33 mo old male patient who has been exhibiting signs of autism since he was about 18-19 mos; his mother has been told by a … Continue reading

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Realistic Goals? Child with Rett Syndrome

Kat Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I currently have a client with Rett Syndrome and this is my first case in my career to treat the child. She presents with very high functioning skills, she is able to transition from the … Continue reading

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Help: Stimming in Autism

Tonyia Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I’m looking for any advice regarding a current student I work with. He is a 9 y/o boy with severe Autism, hard of hearing, and cognitive delay. His stims have been increasing lately, approximately the … Continue reading

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Worried about how the New Definition of Autism and ASD Will Affect your Therapy Practice?

Are parents asking you about how this new definition will affect their child’s therapy? As you know, revisions in the 5th Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, set for publication spring 2013 has changed the definition … Continue reading

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Enter to win a free CEU course by blogging with ERI

We are offering you the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a free CEU course. All you need to do is submit a blog entry which can be:1. a clinical issue that you are seeking opinions about. 2. … Continue reading

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