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CEUs for NDTA re-certification

Do you need NDTA Re-certification? We do offer many NDT courses taught by active NDTA instructors, helping you to meet your required 20 hours of CEUs within 3 years: Intensive Handling and Problem Solving for Function: An NDT Approach This … Continue reading

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AEIOU Systematic Approach to Pediatric Feeding – CEU course for Therapists

Nina Ayd Johanson a highly regarded clinician and renowned teacher presents this highly successful method for integrated treatment of infants and young children with challenging feeding disorders using sensory, oral motor, biomedical and environmental strategies. Nina has extensive experience in home-based early intervention and parent training specializing … Continue reading

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Enter to win a free CEU course by sharing clinical challenges and tips with ERI

We would like to bring back our popular blog discussions, and build on our community of therapists. Our therapists found this avenue for discussions about clinical cases, problems and therapy tips to be invaluable. We are offering you the opportunity … Continue reading

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School-Based CEU course for therapists – a popular conference, don’t be disappointed!

Therapies in the School 2013  Join us at this year’s highly acclaimed conference which will enable you to provide effective evidence-based strategies that foster increased academic performance, social participation and inclusion for all children with special needs including those with … Continue reading

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Asperger’s and Autism: Brain Differences Found – should this effect services received?

Advance for Speech Language Pathologists recently posted this news article about research conducted by Frank Duffy, MD, a neurologist at Boston’s Children Hospital:  The study looked at a group of 26 children with Asperger’s, to see whether measures of brain … Continue reading

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Introducing New Speaker: PT Mary Ann Sharkey

We are very excited to have distinguished speaker, Mary Ann Sharkey join our faculty. Mary Ann Sharkey, PhD, MS, PT, C/NDT was named the 2011 Distinguished Educator by the American Physical Therapy Association, Education Section. She has presented preconferences most recently at the … Continue reading

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Autism Detected Early in Infancy with MRI

“Researchers from the University of California, Davis MIND Institute have found that scans of the brains of infants may help to diagnose the condition earlier. The study was originally designed to follow the brain growth trajectories of children and determine … Continue reading

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What is the best part about being a therapist?

What do you find to be the most fulfilling part of your therapy work? Please share with us and your colleagues, the best part of your work. Post a scenario that was a rewarding experience, or tell us about your … Continue reading

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VOICE Therapy help?

Karen Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Being near a few colleges, theater communities and a recording studio, I’ve been getting adult voice clients coming into out-patient without an actual pathology – but rather, looking to become better singers.They have been told that … Continue reading

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How can I be an expert SLP for every patient I see?

Posted by Karen DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Hi, I work in a hospital setting where I see adult acute care, acute in-patient rehabilitation, and out-patient clients.I feel as if I can give good therapy to anyone I come across, but not necessarily … Continue reading

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