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Making the Case for Respiratory Muscle Training in Routine Physical Therapy Practice

The reported clinical benefits of respiratory muscle training include improved pressure generation by the respiratory muscles, reduced dyspnea, increased functional activity and endurance, and heightened athletic performance. However, respiratory muscle training has not yet been widely adopted into routine physical … Continue reading

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NEW CEU course – Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in Post Concussion Syndrome

Master Clinician Gaye Cronin presents this NEW course in 2014: Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) The course will focus on assessment and treatment for vestibular, sensory organization, ocular motor, reflex integration, postural stability, and otolithic displacement and is designed … Continue reading

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Physical Therapist is Seeking your Thoughts and Experiences on Intervention for Acute Concussions

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY Pamela Posts: HiMy clinic has been hearing that doctors are referring patients with concussions for physical therapy. Is anyone out there doing rehab for concussions that is not just following a return to play per impact? I … Continue reading

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Obtaining Physician Orders for PT services in School Systems?

Distinguished ERI Faculty Member, Debra Dickson asks a question of school therapists: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: We have a question regarding physician orders for PT services for children in school systems. Here in CT we are able to do 8 visits … Continue reading

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Looking for an Assessment Tool for Balance

Louis Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: A discriminant, reliable and valid perturbation-based fall assessment tool, (Spring Scale Test) has been reported by DePasquale and Toscano in 2000 JGPT. Predicated on repeated incremental predictable perturbations, (RIPPS), the Spring Scale Test (SST) seeks … Continue reading

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Acute Care Physical Therapy Is Not A Location

The Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013 brought together various disciplines from the healthcare spectrum to handle and triage wounded people at the actual bombing site downtown, and subsequently in the various admitting hospitals in the area. Physical Therapists … Continue reading

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Why Patients Don’t Exercise – What’s a Therapist to do?

Post from Education Resources Faculty Member: Suzanne Clark You do a great job putting together an exercise program for your patients with chronic disease. You teach them how to do the exercises and they return the demonstration. You give them … Continue reading

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School Based PT – Policies and Procedures

Sarah posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY:I am looking for PT eligibility/discharge criteria for school based PT. My district is working on beefing up their policies and procedures and I would like to know what is typical in other districts. 

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Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation

We are pleased to offer this popular continuing education courses. This course focuses on effective vestibular rehabilitation for treating children with dizziness, coordination, balance, motor, postural, vestibular, visual motor, perceptual, sensory organization and motion disorders due to disease, toxicity, infection, … Continue reading

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Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists

Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists  Patients undergoing therapy routinely take both prescription drugs and OTC medicines that ultimately influence treatment outcomes. Therapists with knowledge of these medicines practice safer, more effective therapy. The course will examine Rx and non-Rx medicine used … Continue reading

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