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ICU Mobility Scores

Ann, PT posts:  DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: How are people documenting mobility in the ICU? Has anyone used the Perme ICU Mobility Score? I heard it is now being tested for validity and inter-observer reliability, and Chris Perme is presenting it … Continue reading

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OT’s – Strategies for Patients with TBI

  People experiencing sensory issues can benefit from coping techniques       We would like to share this article from Advance Magazine http://occupational-therapy.advanceweb.com/Features/Articles/Strategies-for-Patients-with-TBI.aspx “Patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) face many obstacles on their road to recovery. Dealing with … Continue reading

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Making the Case for Respiratory Muscle Training in Routine Physical Therapy Practice

The reported clinical benefits of respiratory muscle training include improved pressure generation by the respiratory muscles, reduced dyspnea, increased functional activity and endurance, and heightened athletic performance. However, respiratory muscle training has not yet been widely adopted into routine physical … Continue reading

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Acute Care Physical Therapy Is Not A Location

The Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013 brought together various disciplines from the healthcare spectrum to handle and triage wounded people at the actual bombing site downtown, and subsequently in the various admitting hospitals in the area. Physical Therapists … Continue reading

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Therapist is seeking your suggestions and strategies for treating an autistic patient with JRA, and Total Hip Replacement

Samantha Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a relatively new physical therapist and have an interesting patient that I would appreciate tips/suggestion for treatment techniques. I work in an acute care setting. I typically work with orthopedic patients (adults), those … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Coma Stim?

Dana Posts:DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I work on a sub-acute brain injury rehab unit. Residents are admitted for generally 3 months (many stay longer). I’m looking for some different treatment ideas for my coma residents. Any suggestions for coma stim? Even … Continue reading

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Physical therapy in the intensive care unit benefits hospital’s bottom line

Study, funded by Johns Hopkins Critical Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, refutes financial concerns that early rehabilitation raises costs In a study evaluating the financial impact of providing early physical therapy for intensive care patients, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that … Continue reading

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The Role of the Physical Therapist in an Acute Care Setting

You may have seen the recent physical therapy journal (December, 2012) that was devoted to rehabilitation of people with critical illness. Those of us who have worked in an acute care setting have seen acquired weakness that seems to be … Continue reading

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Announcing the winner of a free CEU course from Education Resources

Thank you to everyone who has submitted ideas, questions and clinical challenges for the ERI Acute Care blog. We will continue to post all your great submissions over time, as separate blogs, involving our community to help with your clinical … Continue reading

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Occupational and Physical Therapy Matrix in Acute Care

Gina Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Does anyone use or know of a scheduling program or matrix that exists for acute care therapists that accounts for a patient acuity level? Thanks for your consideration!Gina

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