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What Am I Doing Here? What Motor Skills Should We Be Working On With Our Students With Autism

Guest Blogger: Kathryn Biel I’ve had that moment lately. I’m not proud to admit it. Every few years, I work with a student who makes me feel this way. I have no idea what I’m doing with and for the … Continue reading

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Autism Intervention – Don’t Miss This Dynamic Continuing Education Course

This  evidence based course will integrate evidence based treatments with practical techniques for behavior, communication, and function. Coming to:Aurora, IL – September 18-19, 2015Tallahassee, FL – October 2-3, 2015Houston, TX – November 7-8, 2015Mountainside, NJ – February 12-13, 2016 Stacey … Continue reading

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Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

The Eighth Annual World Autism Awareness Day isApril 2, 2015.REGISTER TO BE ENTERED TO WIN A FREE TWO DAY COURSE World Autism Awareness Day is one of only three official health related United Nations Days and will bring the world’s … Continue reading

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PT Needing Advice on Autistic Child with Particular Behavioral issue

GUEST BLOGGER: Kathryn Biel. Jacqueline submitted this clinical question: I am a physical therapist working with an autistic child who continues to throw toys and other items constantly. He will throw items over, under and thru railings, in his sister’s crib … Continue reading

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John Pagano – Fabulous Testimonial for our Highly Acclaimed Faculty Member

Testimonial from Debbie: Outstanding Course! John is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Very interactive instruction. There was so much more information packed into this course that most other CEU courses I’ve attended. The handout provides us with excellent tools to … Continue reading

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PT looking for Suggestions for IEP Goal Writing for the Autistic Population

Kristen, PT, Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a school related PT working with kids in cyber school setting. I worked in the school setting following college for several years and then took another several years off while raising my … Continue reading

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Therapist seeks your help and advice for patient with severe ASD

Jennifer Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Hi everyone. I’m having a hard time with a patient I’m working with and would like some advice/tips please. I’m working with a 12 y/o female dx with severe ASD. She is almost completely nonverbal … Continue reading

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Asperger’s and Autism: Brain Differences Found – should this effect services received?

Advance for Speech Language Pathologists recently posted this news article about research conducted by Frank Duffy, MD, a neurologist at Boston’s Children Hospital:  The study looked at a group of 26 children with Asperger’s, to see whether measures of brain … Continue reading

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Pilates and Autism – Angelique Micallef-Courts Education Resources esteemed Faculty memeber

One of our distinguished faculty members Angelique Micallef-Courts  recently published in the Advance Magazine for Occupational Therapists   “Pilates is one of the fastest-growing forms of exercise, so it is not surprising that it can be an effective tool for … Continue reading

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A FAB Sensory Behavioral Strategy for Kids with Autism

Guest BloggerFaculty Member: John PaganoA clinically affective strategy for children with Autism who engage in repetitive self-injurious behavior is the FAB Reinforce Sensory Match Strategy. The FAB Reinforce Sensory Match Strategy involves replacing the automatic sensory reinforcement that encourages repetitive … Continue reading

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