School Based Courses for Therapists

Our school based CEU courses will enable you to provide effective evidence-based strategies that foster increased academic performance, social participation and inclusion for all children with special needs including those with severe involvement. 


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Multi Faculty 

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Multi Faculty

Integrating NDT, SI and Motor Learning Perspectives in Pediatrics
Lezlie Adler

Linking Play to Function: Utilizing NDT and SI
Lezlie Adler

Advanced Course: Combining NDT and SI for Optimal Function in Children with Neuromotor Challenges
Lezlie Adler

Yoga Therapy for the Child with Developmental Challenges
Anne Buckley-Reen

Get Ready to Learn: Yoga Therapy in the Classroom 
Anne Buckley-Reen

Sensory Integration Intensive
Jeannetta Burpee

Praxis: Evaluation and Treatment of the Clumsy Child
Barbara Connolly

Tools to Enhance Motor Control, Motor Learning and Strength for Function
Paula Cox

Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation
Gaye Cronin

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)
Gaye Cronin

Is it Sensory? Or Is It Behavior? Assessment and Intervention Tools for OT’s, PT’s, and SLP’s
Debra Dickson

The Whole Child: The S.A.N.E System of Pediatric Assessment and Treatment
Debra Dickson

Pediatric NDT: Treatment Intensive
Debra Evans Rogers

Treatment of Children with Sensory, Emotional and Motor Challenges
Lise Gerard Faulise

Intervention for High Risk Infants and Young Children (0-5): Activities, Routines and Evidence Based Practice
Randy Fedoruk

Post Concussion Syndrome
Christina Finn

Functional Strengthening in Children
Maria Fragala Pinkham, Maggie O’Neil

Taping to Improve Alignment, Strength and Function in Children
Jackie Grimenstein

Building the Brain: A Neurobiological Approach
Robin Harwell

Intensive Handling and Problem Solving for Function: An NDT Approach
Linda Kliebhan

Treatment of the Hypotonic Child
Linda Kliebhan 

Treatment of the Severely Involved Child
Linda Kliebhan

The Zones of Regulation: A Framework to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control
Leah Kuypers

Baby Steps: Building Ambulation Interventions for the Infants and Young Children with Posture and Movement Dysfunction
Jan McElroy

If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Function – Introductory Course plus TWO days of Intensive LAB
Mary Massery, Necham Karman

Yoga and Pilates Therapy for the Child with Special Needs
Angelique Micallef-Courts

Children’s Brains, Neuroplasticity, and Pediatric Intervention: What’s the Evidence?
Patricia Montgomery

Effective Ways to Manage Behavior and Increase Functional Outcomes
John Pagano

Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait) from a PT and OT Perspective
Liesa Persaud

Gail Ritchie

Mealtime Success: Solving Food Refusals with Self-Regulation Strategies and Evidence-Based Nutrition
Susan Roberts

Vision, Ocular-Motor and Movement Strategies for Integrated Learning
June Smith

Integrating Movement-Based Learning into Treatment: An Evidence Based Approach
June Smith

Practical Intervention Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Stacey Szklut

The Pediatric Brain: Treatment Applications
Janine Wiskind