Research Award 2018

Presented by: Education Resources

Education Resources would like to honor one unsung hero for his/her significant contribution to evidence based practice in the field of school based therapy.

Examples include implementing the first research study in your school or implementing sustained ongoing research.

You may nominate yourself or colleague(s) – or both!

Nomination Criteria:
  • 1.The nominee must be an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech language pathologist, or OT/PT/SLP assistant, or team.
  • 2. The nominee's research must have contributed to the body of evidence that supports the underpinnings and practices of school based therapy.
  • 3. The nominee must demonstrate the core values of collaboration, leadership, integrity, and a passion for improving the lives of his/her students.
Deadline for submission: September 15, 2018

The award recipient will be announced and honored at the Eighteenth Annual Therapies in the School Conference (November 15-16, 2018).
  • May be the same as the nominee
  • Must be OT, PT, SLP or Assistant, or team including these disciplines
  • The publication(s) must be within the last 5 years, a peer-reviewed journal or professional newsletter, a text book or other respected professional communication.
  • 1. Collaboration 2. Leadership 3. Integrity 4. Passion for improving the lives of students