VESTIBULAR REHABILITATION FOR THE SCHOOL-AGED CHILD AND ADOLESCENT SERIES Individual Sessions: Pathophysiology of Vestibular Symptoms in Children

Course Description:

Common diagnoses, signs, and symptoms involving the vestibular system are discussed and include vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, ototoxicity, Meniere’s Disease, cochlear implants, cranial trauma, migraine headaches, whiplash, among other issues. Learn how trauma such as mTBI can be differentiated into central, peripheral, cervical, or a combination of all three and present differently in children. Therapists should consider vestibular screening in any child who has motor delays, clumsiness, hearing loss and difficulty with reading. Red flags for referral are discussed.

  1. Recognize presenting features of common pathology of the vestibular system
  2. Explain related symptoms and functional issues for conditions common in pediatrics
  3. Discuss how and when the vestibular system develops in pediatrics
  4. Explain differences in the aging compared to the pediatric vestibular system
  5. Describe the important changes that occur to dynamic balance in adolescence

This course is offered for 2.5 Contact Hours, 0.25 CEUs (Intermediate Level)
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