PEDIATRIC TOE WALKING SERIES - Individual Sessions: The Role of Vision and Reflexes

Course Description:

Speaker: Liesa Persaud 

This session covers the role of vision and visual disorders in idiopathic pediatric toe walking. Vision is intimately connected to posture, gait, and movement through connections with the vestibular system. Visual attention and visual motor disorders commonly seen in this population are discussed. You will learn to evaluate and remediate visual problems as they relate to toe walking.

The integration of primitive reflexes with the visual motor system is necessary for ideal development, and often children present with equinus gait due to deficits in these two connecting systems. During the lab portion of this course, you will learn to test for the presence of these reflexes, evaluate their postural responses, and apply techniques to assist with reflex integration and remediation in order to avoid the long term consequences of retained primitive reflexes.

Course Objectives:
1) Describe the role of vision and reflexes in pediatric equinus gait
2) Identify methods of assessment of reflexes
3) Execute techniques for reflex integration

Course Fee: $99

Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants. This online course is recommended for individuals who have previously taken Liesa's two day course, or who have basic knowledge of the following areas: biomechanics of normal gait, characteristics of equinus gait (toe walking), and kinesiology of the lower extremity.

This course is offered for 2.5 Contact Hours, 0.25 CEUs (Intermediate Level)
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