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Clinical Challenge: Home Care OT treating 60 y.o. male w/GBS (diagnosed 1 year ago), who has almost no sensory or motor function in bilat hands. Had restricted extension in wrists/hands/fingers premorbidly (i.e. couldn’t do push ups). Has IDDM, but no other restrictions. Trying to apply NDT concept of promoting return through weight bearing on BUE, but very difficult to position his hands appropriately. He is able to maintain stance with min A and has return in proximal BUE. What successful strategies has anyone tried with these patients that they’d care to share?

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  1. Becky Nielsen, OTR/L says:

    Have you thought about/would it be appropriate to try E-stim to facilitate muscle contractions for increasing AROM and strength in wrist/finger extensors, etc? Have had varying degrees of success in the past with this for increasing strength/AROM for various issues, including CVA, weakness due to spinal cord injury, CP, etc.

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