Our Esteemed Faculty Member; Ann Buckley Reen – Research is Published in AJOT

Anne Buckley-Reen

Occupational therapists use school-based yoga programs, but these interventions typically lack manualization and evidence from well-designed studies. Using an experimental pretest–posttest control group design, researchers, Kristie Koenig, Ann Buckley-Reen, and Staviga Gargthese examined the effectiveness of the Get Ready to Learn (GRTL) classroom yoga program among children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The intervention group received the manualized yoga program daily for 16 wk, and the control group engaged in their standard morning routine. Challenging behaviors were assessed with standardized measures and behavior coding before and after intervention. Students in the GRTL program showed significant decreases (p < .05) in teacher ratings of maladaptive behavior, as measured with the Aberrant Behavior Checklist, compared with the control participants. This study demonstrates that use of daily classroomwide yoga interventions has a significant impact on key classroom behaviors among children with ASD.

This research was recently published in AJOT, 
(doi:10.5014/ajot.2012.004390 American Journal of Occupational Therapy September/October 2012 vol. 66 no. 5 538-546) 

Chosen as a PBS “Innovations in Education” program, this program has been highly acclaimed by participating teachers, therapists and administrators and was recently spotlighted on NPR – Classroom Yoga Helps Improve Behavior of Kids with Autism
We offer you the opportunity to learn this approach directly from Anne; a dynamic 2 day program offering the school based clinician a clinically researched curriculum utilizing a range of developmentally graded yoga sequences. Used throughout the United States and England, this popular preparatory yoga curriculum, addresses learning and behavior issues across ages (preschool –high school), stages and levels of ability. This program has been shown to positively impact sensory processing, self regulation, attention, communication, motor planning and performance, Get Ready To Learn (“GTRL”) is designed for adaption across the range of student challenges, from minimal to severe. Challenges addressed include students with physical limitations, autistic spectrum disorders, developmental delays to high performing mainstream populations with learning and attention issues. 
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3 Responses to Our Esteemed Faculty Member; Ann Buckley Reen – Research is Published in AJOT

  1. Kathy Mendzela says:

    I am looking forward to attending this Yoga Therapy course. We have begun using yoga within individual and group sessions at our Early Intervention program with positive results. As an alternate approach or in conjunction with standard approaches children are developing a variety of skills. Parents are also excited about carryover for home programming. Having heard Anne speak previously I am aware how informative and useful her lectures can be. Her SANE approach is quite relevant in my practice as well.

  2. Rizza Pielago says:

    I missed her course yesterday and today here in Staten Island,NY. Is there any way be a repeat for this course? NY, NJ and CT areas anytime early next year? I saw one in CT but it’s on December 2013 🙁

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