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Dear Therapies in the School Participants:

We are still flying high from sharing a thought-provoking two days with 250 school-based therapists from around the country and all of the innovative, evidence-based discussions that took place. It was great meeting and connecting with many of you and hearing your ideas for the future –

We are already planning for next year’s conference!

We would really enjoy hearing your thoughts about the conference, and hearing about how you will implement what you learned into your practice. Please share them, with us and your colleagues, here on our blog.  All those posting a comment will be entered to win FREE registration for Therapies in the School 2013! Winners will be chosen from a random drawing in January.


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14 Responses to Enter to win Free Registration for Therapies in the School 2013

  1. Pamela Hassett says:

    I really enjoyed the lecture by Jerome Schultz. So often we get so busy thinking of meeting our goals and objetives that we don’t stop and think of the whole child. Stress is a part of everyone’s lives and as adults we assume children do not have it. What an eye opener!

  2. Jessica says:

    I was able to attend the Friday session, and especially enjoyed the interdisciplinary presentation from Massachusetts Hospital School. It gave me strategies to become a more active member of the education team and provide interventions for severely involved students.

  3. Mary Natirboff says:

    I enjoyed this weekend – had been to one 3 years ago and it is so nice that you change things up. Enjoyed learning about the legal aspects from Dr. Siegel – with regards to classification changes, etc. Would love more on direct treatments for the kids – videos, etc. I attended a seminar with Temple – any chance you can get her to speak? She was unbelievable!
    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job coordinating this conference and always getting such dynamic speakers. So nice that it was not basic information but it was geared towards the more experienced therapist.

  4. gail miller says:

    I was so inspired by Jerome Schultz’s insight into what the LD and ADHD child is going thru and his thoughts about making school better for these children. I am currently engrossed in reading his book No Where to Hide. I feel that his professional insights into these children is thought provoking and will most likely change my way of looking at these students.

  5. Beth OT says:

    I was only able to attend the Friday session but enjoyed all of the day’s offerings. The iPad presentation by Kelly Charlebois was just what I needed right now in my practice! Not only did she share great apps for use with students but also helped me learn to better organize my ipad for my own personal uses. Thanks for a wonderful day.

    PS.. The lunch was great!!

  6. Stacie Simko says:

    I thought the conference was extremely informative. I really enjoyed Dr. Schultz’s lecture, I wish more school teachers and administrators could have heard his speech. I had a difficult time choosing the afternoon sessions since all the topics were of interest to me. It’s great to go to a conference and walk away with so much new information. I am planning to get my colleagues to come next year so we can all go to a different afternoon session and share information with each other.

  7. Amy McCartney says:

    I was able to attend last year and it is always great to learn new strategies and skills to bring back to kids and staff!

  8. Cathy Strasser OTR/L says:

    I enjoyed the entire conference, but the thing that stuck with me on the drive home was Dr. Schultz’s statement that “excellent had become the new average” for children and families and the stress that adds to students and their families.

  9. Kaylin Wood MS OTR/L says:

    This was my first Schools Conference. I had a wonderful time with colleagues and ran into a few familiar faces from around new england that I went to college with. The speakers were each uniquely dynamic. I especially enjoyed Dr. Jerome Schultz’s humorous presentation on stress. I came away with a few new sensory strategies that I am already integrating into sessions. Casual conversations throughout the weekend with other practitioners was also refreshing! I will definitely try to go again!

  10. Kerin McLoughlin says:

    Listening to Jerome Schultz was very affirming.

  11. ilene greenwald says:

    I really enjoyed Jerome Schultz’s presentation. Sensory ideas from other therapists were helpful.

  12. Mary says:

    I found June Smith’s suggestion of doing the simple pre and post sensorimotor activity assessments to be a easy to use way of documenting the effectiveness of our work. I look forward to attending Therapy in the Schools every year – I always come away inspired and with a few new ideas to try.

  13. Alissa Imbracsio says:

    I always enjoy going to this conference and come back wtih some useful tidbits to share with my colleagues and incorporate into my sessions. As many people have said, Dr. Shultz was the highlight of the conference – I’ve never laughed so hard while gaining so much insight!

  14. Anne Marie Bohn says:

    2012 was my third consecutive Therapies in the Schools conference. There is always a variety of material to choose from, so much that I invited my co-workers to attend as well so that we could share information from the different workshops. Videos and slides of therapy in action are always helpful to see how it really works. The speakers who made us laugh or who made us get up and try the activities ourselves were most effective, and were good role models for how I can teach the same ideas and activities to teachers and other staff in the schools where I work. Anne Marie

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