Celebrating World PT Day – Why Did you become a PT?

Education Resources celebrates World PT day

As the World Confederation of Physical Therapy celebrates PT’s the world over, we would like to join them and recognize our community of physical therapists, and promote the idea of a global physical therapy community.

Please tell us what motivated you to become a PT? What do you love about being a PT?

Tell us your story below (in the comments section), and share with our community.

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2 Responses to Celebrating World PT Day – Why Did you become a PT?

  1. I really liked the idea of seeing patients through the recovery process. Doctors see patients at certain points in their health process but therapists are part of the entire process and that excited me since my first PT volunteer experience in high school. Early on I began concentrating my practice in pediatrics where I found it even more rewarding. Adults, whether they had a neurological or orthopedic incident, know what they have lost and many times recovery is not 100%. They often have difficulty accepting that so the psychological aspect often weighs down the recovery. In pediatrics, the family does not know how far the child will reach and obviously the baby/child has even less notion so any progress is a great accomplishment to the family and to the child. I believe in the process of enabling parents to work with their children to take part in their child’s habilitation or rehabilitation and to me, that adds to the fullfillment of my work. I still see some adults for minor orthopedic issues but my private practice is mostly pediatrics and we work as a close team with PT, OT and SLP. I love going to work every day even after almost 30 years practicing. I wish for my own children to find a career in which they will feel the same satisfaction.

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