Janine Wiskind

Janine Wiskind engages her audience with her dynamicteaching style and makes intense informationeasy to understand and apply. She has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for the past 12 years. Starting off in pediatric brain injury, Janine cultivated her specific concentration in visual dysfunction. This fascination with the visual system and neuroscience led to teaching online webinars and university guest lectures. Janine has written articles relating to dysfunction in the pediatric population and was involved in research on the pediatric brain injury unit. Working in settings such as inpatient rehab, outpatient, and the school system has provided Janine with an opportunity to work with a variety of pediatric populations and , in turn, led to a diverse array of expertise. The goal of her teaching and class work is to provide effective concepts that will be pertinent in everyday practice.

Janine Wiskind receives a honorarium from Education Resources.
Non-Financial: She has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Online Course Offerings:
Therapies Session: Visual/Vestibular Strategies to Optimize Participation and Learning -

Why Do My Students Do That:Practical Applications of Neuroscience in the Classroom

Janine's Courses:

The Pediatric Brain: Functional Neuroanatomy, The Visual-Vestibular System and Treatment Applications

Primitive Reflexes

What others are saying:

"Janine took some information that could be "dry"(anatomy review) and concrete and made it interestingand stimulating. Wow - my head was spinning (withgood vestibular control!) in such a GREAT way. I lovedthis course."

"Great presentation - worth the wait! Good backgroundinformation/review of systems to build on more complexideas. Loved the video clips. Very memorable. Thankyou.!"

"Janine was a dynamic speaker-very knowledgeable,engaging and funny. Provided wonderful examples(videos of various children) to support information.Intuitive to audience's needs. Booklet was very helpfuland will serve as a good resource. Great conference.Thank you!"

"Dynamic speaker who makes difficult material relevant and fun. Left witha new outlook on treatment and can't wait to try som new techniques."

Janine is a dynamic, intelligent and well organized speaker. She took intense information and made it understandable and practical. Great conference