Maggie O'Neil

Maggie ONeil PT, PhD, MPH, practiced in pediatric physical therapy full time for 12 years before earning her MPH in Maternal & Child Health and her PhD in pediatric physical therapy. She is an associate professor in physical therapy and public health at Drexel University. She teaches content in pediatric physical therapy and health promotion. She consults to pediatric physical therapists and she designs, implements, and evaluates community based programs to increase physical activity and health outcomes for children who are typically developing, those who are overweight or obese and those with disabilities. Dr. ONeil conducts workshops throughout the United States and is an advocate for family and childrens health and rehabilitation services on local and national levels.

Maggie's Courses:

Functional Strengthening and Fitness Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities

What others are saying:

"Being able to attend a presentation by therapists who are masters of their subject is very informative. I have been given many ideas that I will build into my practice immediately. Thank you!" -Lyn Crawford, PT

"This was the most useful and relevant pediatric course I have ever taken." -Carol Rickaby, PT

"This course helped to provide some of the evidence based practice materials that are so important now. Many references and websites were listed. The speakers brought books and reprints with them to share." -Elaine Ballard, PT

"This course surpassed my expectations. I have learned many applicable treatment ideas to incorporate into my practice. This course has left me inspired to expand my practice, creativity, research and involvement in the community. I believe this course has given me the resources to better myself professionally." -Melanie O'Leary, PT

"Maggie O'Neil is a great presenter with useful information for all teachers and PT's on the areas of fitness and strength. Great ideas, resources, and assessments."