Suzanne Clark

Suzanne E. Clark, PT, DPT, GCS, COS-C,has over 20 years experience treating geriatric patients in acute care and rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home care settings. She has worked exclusively in home health care for the past 15 years and has extensive clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of the medically complex home care patient. She closely follows Medicare regulation changes and currently holds an OASIS Specialist Certificate. Dr. Clark has a special interest in treatment of cardiopulmonary conditions. She is currently a Board Certified Specialist in Geriatrics, a Clinical Educator, and APTA Certified Clinical Instructor and a Center Coordinator of Clinical Education.Dr. Clark is a knowledgeable, articulate and receptive presenter with a rare ability to take complex material and apply it in a practical, clinically relevant manner.

Suzanne's Courses:

Best Practices in Home Care

Improving Outcomes for the Medically Complex Patient: Acute Care, Home, Rehab, SNF, OPD

What others are saying:

"I waited 16 months for Suzanne to come back to Texas to present - great presenter with valid information for all settings including home health." - Teresa Diane Goodman

"Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to any therapist. The handouts and tools were great." -Kelly Loescher

"This was an excellent experience which was as worthwhile for our 15 years veteran as it was for the OT with only one year's Home Care experience. I would recommend this program for any Home Care therapist and would anticpate marked improvement in enthusiasm and expertize as a result of attending." -Sue Rushfirth

"Ms. Clark was very well informed, articulate and gave a broad overview of the multiple facets of home health care. She was approachable and receptive to questions and experiences. -Beth Wiedower