Robyn Ligotti

Robyn Ligotti, PT, DPT, RAC-CT, CDP, QCP is the owner of Rehab Resource Solutions, LLC Consulting and is a licensed PT with over 35 years of experience. The scope of her practice has encompassed many settings including skilled nursing facilities, home health, outpatient rehab, wellness and prevention, and inpatient rehab, but always with the older adult population. She has managed multi-disciplinary teams in skilled nursing facilities, home health and outpatient rehabilitation. Her Certifications include Dementia Practitioner, Resident Assessment Coordinator, and Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Certification. She is dedicated in her belief that the key to achieving strong outcomes is establishing a team of professionals who use critical thinking evidence-based skills in day to day practice. She has provided education to rehab and nursing teams and other disciplines throughout her career on safe patient handling, understanding Medicare and rehab specific treatments and approaches to care. Dr. Ligotti graduated with her B.S. in P.T. from Russell Sage College and received her Doctor of P.T. from Sage Graduate School.

Disclosures: Financial: Robyn Ligotti receives an honorarium from ERI for this course. Non-Financial: She has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose. 

Robyn's Courses:

Post-Acute Rehabilitation of the Complex Elderly Patient