Mary Massery

Dr. Massery received her BS in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 1977, her DPT from the University of the Pacific in 2004, and her DSc from Rocky Mountain University in 2011.

Her publications and interests focus on linking motor behaviors to breathing and/or postural mechanics in both pediatric and adult patient populations.  Dr. Massery has been invited to give over 800 professional presentations in 49 US states, 9 Canadian provinces, and 13 countries worldwide.

Mary’s DSc research was conducted under the guidance of world renowned PT researcher,Dr. Paul Hodges, (Director of the NHMRC Centre for Clinical Research at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia), as well as Dr. Victoria Moerchen (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI), and Dr. Marshall Hagins (Long Island University, NY, NY). The aim of Mary’s research was to establish a link between the glottis (upper airway) and postural stability (balance) and was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Dr. Massery has received the American Physical Therapy Association’s highest clinical award, The Florence Kendall Practice Award, honoring one’s “outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of physical therapy” and the honorary Linda Crane Memorial Lecture.

Mary has delivered keynote/major addresses on topics such as cystic fibrosis and posture, neuropulmonary deficits, pectus excavatum (chest deformities), and connections between posture & breathing 

Mary has also been honored as Outstanding Alumnus of the Year by each of her 3 alma maters. She continues to maintain a private practice in Chicago, specializing in breathing and postural dysfunction.

Clinically, Mary is known for her multi-system approach to analyzing motor dysfunction; recognizing the interactions between the cardiovascular-pulmonary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, integumentary and internal organ systems, and determining which system is the primary deterrent to optimal motor function and which system is likely a consequence of those interactions. This is the primary message of her continuing education courses.

Mary's Courses:

I Survived, Now What? Treating the Musculoskeletal Consequences of Maturing with a Chronic Health Condition

What People Are Saying

"Mary Massery is a "master" at engaging her audience with her wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and humor!  Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
-  S.V.  RN-CRRN, Burlington, VT

"Funny, lively, excellent, enthusiastic instructor!  To learn from someone like Mary makes me proud to be a PT.  We are so lucky to have her knowledge and teaching capabilities for multidisciplined programs.  Thank you!  You are awesome and inspirational.  I'm ready to use this stuff NOW!"
- M.S.  PT, Burlington, VT

“Mary got me so pumped up about cardiopulmonary aspects of physical therapy.  She had my complete attention during every lecture and lab.  Every session went by so quickly.  Her clinical examples really hit home and emphasized the importance of all of the techniques/strategies.”
- PT, Chicago, IL