Lisa Kleinz

Lisa Kleinz, MA, SLP/L, is a Speech Pathologist who has worked in level 3  NICUs for over 20 years. She has also served as a Developmental Care Specialist, working with staff and families to create change in the NICU. She has certifications in Newborn Individualized Developmental Care Assessment Program (NIDCAP), Developmental Care Designation (NANN), Infant Massage Instructor,and Lactation Specialist. She is a Certified Neonatal Therapist and is an active member of National Association of Neonatal Therapists, in addition to being a committee Board member.

Lisa received her bachelors degree from the University of Illinois and her masters degree from Indiana University. She has presented at NANT conference and Gravens conference. In addition, she provides frequent Developmental Care and NICU education in the Chicago area and is a Clinical Specialist for Dr. Brown's Medical.

Financial: Lisa Kleinz receives an honorarium from Education Resources, Inc. and Dr. Brown's Medical.
Non financial: Lisa is a member of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists, a Board Member of NTNCB, and a member of NIDCAP Federation.


Lisa's Courses:

NICU Therapy: Developmental Support from Admit to Home

Tools and Strategies for Developmental Care of Special Populations in the NICU

What others are saying:

"I loved all of the great functional information provided in this course.  I now feel more comfortable in my role in the NICU and I cannot wait to return to work and implement the new knowledge/skills I'm taking away from this course!  Lisa Kleinz is a very knowledgeable, engaging, and dynamic speaker!" - A Kniss, SLP"

" This was the first seminar I have attended that from Day 1,  I could see how I could apply the material Lisa presented.  This included information regarding theory, education and planning, and progression towards creating an entire environment aware of incorporating a developmental care approach.  I feel we can all be proponents and advocates for change within our NICU's by applying the knowledge and skills obtained while taking this course." - T. DeNolf, SLP