Liesa Marie Persaud

Liesa M. Persaud, PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP is a licensed physical therapist with 26 years experience in the field of adult and pediatric therapy. Additionally, she has educated health care professionals, both nationally and internationally, in advanced treatment techniques, specialized practical training and consultative services. She has worked in a variety of settings, including private pediatric and adult clinics, schools, private homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Ms. Persaud is a Credentialed Clinical Instructor and also teaches human anatomy, physiology and nutrition at Tulsa Community College. She received her Associate’s Degree in 1993 from Tulsa Junior College and worked as a physical therapist assistant while completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ms. Persaud earned her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Findlay in Findlay, Oklahoma in 2003 and continued to expand her expertise in the field. She received her post-graduate Doctorate from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Science. Ms. Persaud’s passion for travel has lead her to teach & treat overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, the Arab Emirates & Mexico, & she will go to Ukraine & Palestine in December 2017, & Poland in April 2018.

Her wide range of clinical experience, organizational leadership, and proficient teaching skills make her an exciting and compelling instructor.

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Liesa Marie's Courses:

Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait)

New Pediatric Toe Walking Online Series from Liesa Persaud

Pediatric Toe Walking Complete Series: All Three Online Sessions - 7 hours

Toe Walking: Utilizing the ACT (Assessment Criteria for Toe Walking) and Footwear Modification to Improve Outcomes - 2 hours

Toe Walking: The Role of Vision and Reflexes - 2.5 hours

Toe Walking: Red Flags for Referral and Intervention Strategies - 2.5 hours

What others are saying:

"Finally a course that problem solves and shows innovative ways to treat!  Liesa was full of great background and scientific information and translated that knowledge into applicable interventions.  Although focused on Toe-Walking, it gave me information how to problem solve and apply some of the techniques to help with other gait deviations.  I liked most how to use what we have and adapt and change old or ineffective orthotics, how to suggest proper orthotics or improve gait by improving shoes.  I would recommend this course to any therapist and Liesa will definitely keep you engaged the entire course." - P Morte, PT

"Liesa was the most interesting and dynamic speaker I've experienced. Its obvious she's an expert in our filed and I'm so happy she's sharing this knowledge with us. I can't wait to go use this course info at work on Monday." - M. Pluchino, PT

"Liesa was engaging all 3 days and provided a high amount of useful info that could be immediately implemented in clinic."