Gaye Cronin

Gaye W. Cronin is a master clinician in vestibular rehabilitation having treated more than 25,000 patients suffering from vestibular and balance disorders. She received her Bachelor of Science and Masters Degrees from the Medical College of Georgia and her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. She has 30 plus years of clinical experiences. Since 1988, she has been the director of Vestibular Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Programs at the Atlanta Ear Clinic. Dr. Cronin is very enthusiastic and will present this dynamic program that has been extremely successful. She will present evidence based treatment outcomes and offer problem solving exercises. She has published extensively in medical and therapy journals and books, and texts, and has conducted numerous national and international workshops for occupational therapists, physical therapists, audiologists, and physicians.

Gaye's Courses:

Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment and Assessment

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in the Management of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Treatment Intensive: Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation

What others are saying:

"Gaye is a tremendous presenter. Her years of clinical experience lend to fantastic examples that are clear and easy to understand. She is also patient with questions and genuinely interested in my learning instead of just talking about what she knows. I feel that I have left this 2-day course with a bag of tricks.- Tera White

"Gaye Cronin is a fabulous presenter - always relatingtopics to a variety of patient populations with numerousmodifications - interspersed with video and other offthe cuff examples to drive ideas and concepts home.Great information and resources to take back to allfacilities I work at." - Alison Farwell

"Gaye is a gift to our profession. The specific methods provided to identify dysfunction and strategies offered to remediate issues were totally relevant, I can start using this information immediately. Thank you Gaye for impacting verstibular rehab forever!" -Karen Caesar