Debra Dickson

An accomplished lecturer, Debra Dickson is a pediatric physical therapist, owner of Therapy Works Pediatrics LLC in CT and creator of the clinically acclaimed BEAR HUG vest. Ms. Dickson is NDT certified in pediatrics and has a strong background in sensory processing, nutrition and immune function as they relate to children with developmental disabilities. Together with Anne Buckley-Reen, she developed a program for therapists entitled The Whole Child: S.A.N.E. Strategies for Success. They are currently co-authoring The Whole Child Handbook, which incorporates a multisystem approach to understanding developmental disorders and successful strategies for improving function. Ms. Dickson lectures both locally and nationally and sits on the professional advisory committees of several nonprofit agencies.

Financial: Debra Dickson receives a honorarium from Education Resources as well as royalty payments from Southpaw Enterprises.
Non-Financial: She has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Debra's Online Courses:

Practical Tools to Address Sensory vs. Behavioral Issues & Behavioral vs. Sensory Issues

The Neurodevelopmental Classroom

Debra's Courses:

Is it Sensory? Or is it Behavior? Assessment and Intervention Tools for OTs, PTs, and SLPs

The Whole Child: The SANE System of Pediatric Assessment and Treatment

Integrated Pediatric Assessment and Evidence-Based Treatment:  4 Day Intensive Focusing on Children with Sensory and Motor Challenges

What others are saying:

Ms. Dickson did an awesome job of clarifying so many things we see in our children and giving us a clearer understanding of why. After this course, I really feel inspired to implement many of the ideas and strategies into my school programs as well as my home routines. I would definitely recommend this course to other professionals and parents. -Andrea Calabro, PT

Debras course was well organized, packed with valuable information for assessment, goal setting and treatment. She has tapped into one of the missing links. I highly recommend this course. -Debbie Wilkinson, PT

I came into the conference with an overall understanding of the topic, but Debra helped to expound on that information with specific details on screening, planning and treating. Great job! -Tony Rubilino, OTR

I learned to look at familiar things through new lenses. -Joan Marnelock, OTR