Daniel Malone

Daniel Malone brings to the classroom deep, expert knowledge and hands-on experience in acute care and cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, gained during his 18 years as a practicing physical therapist at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. His experience encompasses all service lines, from critical care to long-term care, including outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Dr. Malone obtained a specialist certification in this area from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. He is editor and contributor of the critically acclaimed, Acute Care Physical Therapy: A Clinicians Guide Slack Inc, 2006. He is active in the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section of APTA, serving as program chair for the past seven years, as well as being an elected member of the nominating committee. Additionally, he has served as a member of the Specialization Academy of Content Experts and the Standards Setting Committee for the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary specialization examination. Dr. Malone holds a masters degree in physical therapy from Temple University and a doctorate in physiology with an emphasis in acute lung and respiratory muscle injury from the School of Medicine at Temple University.

Dan Malone just published (as first author) a paper in the journal Physical Therapy (Volume 95, Number 10) October 2015 titled Physical Therapist Practice in the Intensive Care Unit: Results of a National Survey.

Financial: Daniel Malone receives a honorarium from Education Resources and royalities from Slack for his book "Acute Care Physical Therapy."
Non-Financial: He is the president of the Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section of the APTA.

Daniel's Courses:

Management of the Acutely Ill Patient from ICU to Home

What people are saying about Dan Malone's course:

"Best course I've had in a long time"

"Excellent course! Dan was very knowledgeable and energetic and provided applicable clinical examples"

"Dan is a great educator. He is extremely knowledgeable about this topic. He has great clinical experience."

"Dr. Malone is an expert in the management of the complex acute care PT and was able to present his knowledge in a very learner friendly matter. His dialogue and pace were appropriate to follow and his sense of humor and interaction with his audience made the experience not only educational, but also fun." - Andrea Trujillo

"Dan Malone had a wonderful way of conveying complicated information using easily understandable imagery through applied case studies. Dan was humorous, energetic and very knowledgeable. Great course." - Shannon Browning

"I have been an Acute Care/ICU therapist for over 10 years with little understanding of vent settings. Dan Malone explained the vent settings better with a greater understanding than any other respiratory therapist I've worked with." - Tara Miller