Carole Burnett

Noted for her excellence as a clinician and a teacher,Carole Burnettis an Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University, where she has taught neuroscience and treatment techniques for neurologically impaired patients for over 25 years. She also is an acclaimed speaker who has presented extensively across the country on the assessment and treatment interventions of individuals with stroke and older adults with a history of falls. Dr.Burnett has broad clinical experience in treating neurologically impaired patients in a variety of settings, and she has successfully been incorporating new findings on motor learning, motor control and brain plasticity into her treatment interventions for many years. Her courses emphasize new concepts as well as hands-on practice of techniques for immediate application in a clinical setting. She received her BS in Sociology from Boston University, her certificate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University, her Masters from Harvard University, and her doctorate from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Carole's Courses:

Treating Complex Neuro and Geriatric Patients: Falls Prevention and Balance

What others are saying:

"Ms. Carole Burnett is a terrific speaker and I greatly admire her experience. She teaches well, is a very hands-on educator, and isnt afraid to show us how to think outside the box. There was never a dull moment throughout the entire 2-day session. -Anneri Navidad, Physical Therapist

"Carole is one of the best presenters Ive encountered! She explains course material in real, clinically relevant language and gives concrete examples and case studies. Carole provides ample opportunity to practice techniques and get hands-on experience. I would recommend this course to all therapists. -Susan Buchko, Occupational Therapist

"Carole is a dynamic and energetic speaker who obviously loves teaching this subject matter. It is a fantastic opportunity for new and experienced clinicians to revisit traditional treatment methodologies, while incorporating new concepts and ideas in their treatment of balance and fall prevention. It is a wonderful course; Carole will surely get your energy flowing! -A. Bryant, Physical Therapist

"Dr. Burnett is an energetic and dynamic speaker. The material was presented clearly. Time was used effectively for practice. Dr. Burnett was creative and kept our attention."

"Dr. Burnett's extensive knowledge of neurologic and geriatric population along with her energetic and passionate presentation combines for an engaging weekend filled with many new tools for the therapist to integrate into their practice and various settings." -April Henne