Barbara Hypes

Barbara Hypes is a dynamic and sought after instructor, a Physical Therapist trained in both pediatric Neuro-Developmental treatment and baby treatment. She has been treating children since 1981 and teaching continuing education seminars since 1985. She has a thriving private practice and consults on challenging cases across the country. She currently teaches courses for therapists, teachers and parents throughout the United States and Canada. Topics for teaching currently focus on treatments with the ball, treating the child with hypotonia and treatment strategies for children who have neurological impairments.

Barbara's Courses:

Three Day Intensive on Treating the Child with Hypotonia

Strategies on Treating the Child with Neurological Impairments

Therapy Ball Intensive

What others are saying:

“This seminar was excellent and applies in some way to every single child on my caseload.

“This was the most informative course that I have attended. The treatment techniques and educational material presented will make translation of information to practice as easy as possible.

“The workshop was appropriately comprehensive yet concise. Barbara was energetic and brought her deep knowledge and experience into every discussion.

“Barbara is clear, well-organized, articulate, honest, and knowledgeable.