Integrating Movement-Based and Learning Strategies: An Evidence Based Approach to Enhance Engagement and Function in Children

Course Description:

This dynamic and interactive workshop will teach clinicians a wide range of movement-based strategies to facilitate integrative learning and to promote function, engagement and participation for children at home,in the classroom and in therapy. The benefits of these movement-based strategies are immediate and obvious with Pre- and Post-objective data to provide the evidence that a client will show enhanced motor outcomes and to enable data-based decision making and progress monitoring. The intervention strategies will include: Brain Gym exercises with a specialized focus for special needs clients who require modifications for the traditional exercises, Ocular-motor assessments and visual strategies, sound and Listening strategies,and Bal-A-Vis-X techniques.Participants will learn to apply assessment of dominance of the brain/body systems to create modifications in the classroom environment and for management of sensory experiences. Positive and measureable changes will impact the auditory/vestibular/visual triad; physical,cognitive, behavioral and emotional states.

The participant will be able to:

1. Utilize at least five Brain Gym movements with modifications for special needs.

2.Perform a pre/post test assessment using at least two Building Block activities and the dynamic 5 step Edu-K balance process.

3. Perform a visual screening, determine at least three visual strategies and assess their effectiveness with objective outcomes.

4. Discuss the organizing effects of rhythm and its impact on social participation, engagement and self-monitoring.

5. Perform a pre & post assessment of movement based strategies to collect data for decision making.

6. Utilize an evidence-based approach to intervention at home, in therapy and the classroom.

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What others are saying:

"Definitely you will learn something for yourself, your family and your students. There is so much to know. Thanks June, It was great!"

"Beneficial for all students, and should be implemented in all classrooms. The effects are immediate." "June is dedicated to helping others reach their goals and has tremendous ability to facilitate that process through hands-on learning."

"This hands-on, practical course will help me so much with so many of my kids. I can't wait to give all of what I learned 'a go!' June's energy and passion brings all the topics to life. You walk out with all new and improved over-flowing tool box."


June Smith

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