The Child's Developing Brain: Emerging Neuroscience and Therapy

Course Description:

This course will focus on the latest thinking, based onbrain research and presents a clinical decision modelthat assists therapists with assessment and intervention. Whether it be a sensory, perceptual or motorproblem, the current understanding of the brain isessential to analysis and formulation of realistic goalsand evidence based interventions. This workshop willemphasize determining the critical problem a child hasand the possible intervention strategies (PT, OT, SLP)that will make a functional difference.

1. Describe implications of current brain researchon motor development and motor learning.
2. Analyze the relationship between sensory, perception, and motor in the function of the brain andthe impact on clinical decision making for a childwith a pediatric disability.
3. Explain the impact of sensory input andperception on the developing brain: anatomically andbehaviorally including early stress and pain.
4. Identify the mechanism that effect motor output inrelation to tone, feed forward, and feedback.
5. Apply numerous treatment strategies based onbrain research to imporve function, outcome and

What others are saying:

Mary Anns course was evidence based and suppliedan incredible number of the latest references and asynthesis of what every therapist needs to know aboutthe most up-to-date information on brain developmentand plasticity. In addition, it was clinically applicable.She has done an outstanding job with this presentationand has the theoretical, research and clinical background to support the materials presented.

Mary Ann is awesome at helping to bring clinicalrelevance and meaning to brain anatomy and physiology. She received high ratings for her presentation ondevelopmental neurology and she used videos embedded in her PowerPoint to emphasize critical points. Sheis organized, dynamic in her presentation, and wellversed in her subject matter.


Mary Ann Sharkey

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