NDT and MFR for Children with Neurological Disabilities

Course Description:

The continuing education hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification.

Why can't this child play with his toy, verbally communicate his needs or sustain postural control for learningand social participation? Understanding the primaryand secondary impairments and their detrimental impact on posture and movement is essential to developing a treatment plan to help promote sustainable functional skills in this population. This course utilizes anintegrated NDT/MFR approach to assess and treatchildren in order to increase functional skills in thecontext of OT/SLP/PT goals. Lecture, video, lab andpatient demos will be utilized in order to help therapistsplan effective treatments and consultation.

Participants will be able to:
1. Utilize the WHO/ICF Enablement Model to assess functional limitationsand underlying impairments.
2. Apply NDT and MFR theory as the basis for an integrated treatment approach.
3. Assess and treat myofascial restrictions impacting respiratory function and the postural alignment required for speech and feeding, find and gross motor skills.
4. Compare and integrate appropriate NDT/MFR strategies to achieve functional gains in children with different neurological disabilities

What Others are Saying:

"Ms. Hodge is so knowledgeable and makes the participant want to learn, she teaches an easy understandable language."

"The material was taught in a clear and conductive manner. Barbara was very hands on with assisting the participant in learning the facilitation techniques." - Felicia Campbell, PTA

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. it helped me piece together a few missing components. I can't wait to apply these techniques in a clinical setting." - Lauren Monroe, OT

"Fantastic refresher along [with] NEW ideas/techniques Barbara speaks WITH us, NOT atus. Functional & Realistic applications [with] sufficient time to practice techniques." - Becky Whitcomb, PT

"I thought Barbara gave a good seminar and I will be able to bring it into my practice on Monday, first day to work after seminar." - Diane Decker, OT

Barbara gave excellent analogies, take home messages and rationale that was clearly presented. Her course was exactly what I needed. - Gretchen Fish, OT

Barbara is amazing. She is very personable and a great teacher who is able to explain concepts well. She has a true passion for what she does. Nadia Lamanna, PT

Barbara was a great instructor - so much valuable, useable and practical information. Watching her work was a real inspiration - Diane W. Betts, PT


Barbara Hodge