Pediatric NDT Treatment Intensive

Course Description:

The continuing education hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification.

The course will address motor impairments and treatment strategies for functional gains in the zero-20 yearold population with CP, TBI Seizure disorders, Downssyndrome, and other motor syndromes.This course is intended for those therapists/assistants,PT/OT/ST with some previous experience and additional training in NDT, and other modalities, workingwith these populations.Primarily lab/video/demo and problem solving to develop functional goals, determine priorities, predictoutcomes and practice treatment strategies to achieveincreased functional abilities in areas of gross fine andoral motor.

Participants will be able to:
Establish Realistic Functional Goals based onWHO Enablement Model
Determine and Diagnose 4 possible sourcesof increased muscle stiffness
Assess differences in structure and function ofthe postural and the movement muscle systems,and the implications for treatment.
Determine treatment frameworks for differentneuromotor insults.
Discuss adjunctive therapies to increase function

What others are saying:

"This course was exactly what I needed to enhance my assessment and treatment skills working with pedi patients. I now have an organized way to break down the assessment process and focusing on the necessary components of my functional goals. Also, there was good critical discussion of current bracing trends." - Tina Kasinger, PT

"Barbara Hodge is an excellent speaker. Information was presented in an organized manner and pertinent to topic. Videos were insightful and the lab working with a child as well as hands on with a partner were great. Definitely a course I would recommend to any therapists working with physically disabled children. Techniques, really, really useful." -M. Sherwood, OT

"Wonderful seminar with excellent presentation and the opportunity to really "feel" what was presented. Being able to practice the techniques is more of an important component than lecture." -K. Hall, OT

"This course was amazing! The topics were completely applicable to several patient cases I currently work work. she confirmed many ideas and treatment strategies I had already learned, but also changed my perspective on others. She challenged me to approach my sessions differently."-Kim Roach, PT

"Barbara Hodge was an excellent teacher of NDT. She was very knowledgeable and easy to relate to with great examples given. I am eager to go back and use her techniques and suggestions in our clinical setting!" -Michelle Pilgreen, PTA

"Barbara was very down to earth and realistic in relating to patients, activities, and functional outcomes. The application and teachings of the techniques made it very easy to apply in treatment. I'm so glad that this was my first NDT course with her!"-Vickie Zamora, OT


Barbara Hodge